Tropic S.A.

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A World of Drinks




Tropic S.A. is the leading manufacturer of beverages in plastic containers in Haiti. Our two plant locations are fully integrated operations which produce beverages in plastic bottles.

Today Tropic S.A. serves clients throughout HAITI through a very structured and dynamic distribution system which penetrates the market to its smallest outlets.

Tropic S.A. exports to several neighboring countries as well.



Tropic S.A. is the only company currently manufacturing all the non-alcoholic beverages in plastic containers.

Our manufacturing processes respect all the international manufacturing standards using top of the line and cutting edge equipment from leading equipment manufacturers worldwide.

Our Products


Spring Water purified by reverse osmosis and ozonized. the most trusted water in Haiti.


A Carbonated Soft Drink come in four refreshing flavors, including lemon, grape, fruit blend and banana. Quench your Thirst with Fiesta. Its one-of-a-kind flavor and fizz will refresh you. 


An energy drink that contains a blend of energizing ingredients appreciated by those who lead an active lifestyle


Great tasting Energy Drink with Ginseng that provide a boost of energy and strength. Sold in both PET and cans.


An Energy Malt beverage with a delicious caramel taste. 


You simply can't get enough of Tampico's irresistible flavors. Your family won't be able to resist our nutritious and delicious blend of fruit flavors all in one drink. 

 Tampico Soda

Carbonated Soft Drink. Refreshing Tampico Soda gives you the powerful fruit flavored taste you're looking for. 


Delicious juice, ideal to consume at any place and time of the day. 

Tampico Citrus Soda

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