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About Us

The Adonel-Betonex Difference

Adonel-Betonex is a company motivated by building concrete relationships with its clients. It is dedicated to maintaining customer satisfaction and providing quality service that result in promoting Haiti’s construction industry.

At Adonel-Betonex, we strive to preserve our reputation as a leader in the industry. Each day business decisions are made with our company’s core values in mind:

  • Provide quality products and services
  • Maintain client satisfaction
  • Encourage innovative technologies
  • Keep the highest international standards
  • Inspire teamwork
  • Build concrete relationships



In October 2010 Betonex – Haiti’s leading concrete provider led by Stephane LeRouge – and Adonel Concrete – South Florida’s largest privately-owned concrete company led by Luis Garcia – announced they had merged to create Adonel-Betonex.

Following the aftermath of the January 12, 2010 earthquake it was clear Haiti’s construction industry was in need of a new foundation. Mixing expertise and resources from both, the two companies determined that they could best fill the position and help Haiti recover from the terrible damage by working together.

Adonel-Betonex hopes to more quickly rebuild earthquake-damaged portions of Port-au-Prince and surrounding areas by providing non-governmental organizations, private investors and government agencies the perfect mix of quality, technicality, professionalism and express service.

As the country’s new leader, Adonel-Betonex is prepared to overcome recent challenges with its expanded fleet of 40 ready-mix trucks, innovative technologies and products, and efficient delivery systems.

Our commitment to our country will build a strong foundation for a new Haiti.


A partnership with Adonel-Betonex is having a team of well qualified, dynamic professionals at your disposal. Our engineers and technicians provide complete services from beginning to end. We are here to help with:


  • Formulating mixtures that reflect your specific needs
  • Operating mashing tests on cylinders
  • Publishing thorough reports on the quality of concrete delivered


We offer a wide range of solutions based on our High-Performance Technology, including:


  • Concrete of 1500 PSI cleanliness
  • Concrete of 2500 PSI average resistance
  • Concrete of 3000 PSI average resistance
  • Concrete of 3500 PSI average resistance
  • Concrete of 4000 PSI average resistance
  • Concrete of 5000 PSI average resistance
  • Concrete for foundation and road.


And provide additives to concrete such as:


  • Plastering Additive
  • Super-plastering Additive
  • Concrete Retardant Additive
  • Fast curing concrete Additive
  • Fiber Concrete Reinforcement
  • Curative Agent


As the country’s leading specialists of ready-mix concrete, Adonel-Betonex is prepared to overcome recent challenges with our expanded fleet of 40 ready-mix trucks, concrete pumps, innovative technologies and products, and efficient delivery systems.

Our main plant currently has the capacity to produce 100 yards of concrete per hour. We are also equipped with a portable plant capable of producing up to 50 yards of concrete per hour that can be placed at any location throughout Haiti.

And recently, Adonel-Betonex has begun the construction of another plant location that will soon be able to produce more than 250 yards per hour

Areas Served

From our main plant location we are able to deliver concrete throughout all of Port-au-Prince and its surrounding areas. With the acquisition of our new portable plant, we are also able to serve almost everywhere in Haiti, depending on the size and length of the job.

Wherever your location, Adonel-Betonex is here to serve you, no job is too small or too big.

Current Projects

Current Projects

In the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake, Adonel-Betonex has played an integral role in assisting non-governmental organizations and private investors currently involved in major redevelopment projects. Projects vary from construction of houses to supplying concrete for the building of industrial parks, supermarkets, hotels and roads.

Adonel-Betonex is currently working with the following partners:

  • Concern Worldwide (shelters, water reservoir)
  • World Vision (shelters)
  • World Food Program (WFP) (housing project for employees)
  • USAID/CHF (road construction)
  • RR Construction (commercial warehouse, apartment building, hotels)
  • SECOSA (bridge construction)
  • HADOM (road construction)
  • Oxfam (shelters)
  • MINUSTAH (military camp improvement)
  • FAES/AJA (housing expo)
  • CAMTEL (tower base for cell phone company)



To view photos from our current projects, please visit our photo gallery



Luis Garcia

Stephane Lerouge

Carl Edward Dolice
Operations Manager

Deyanirhah Montalvan
Production Manager

Bertine J. Galette
Administrative Assistant

Maria Florencia Conturbi
Controller (USA)

Gesner Martial
Controller (Haiti)

Adolfo Garcia
Fleet Supervisor


Stephane Lerouge


WHILE Stephan Lerouge was studying in Canada for his master’s degree in construction project management, he wrote a feasibility study on how to set up a ready-mix concrete plant. Little did he know then that just two years later he’d be road-testing that plan in reality.

However, when he returned home to Haiti in 2005, that’s exactly what happened. His family, already in the construction industry, gave him a piece of land as collateral for a $300,000 bank loan, and he opened the doors of Betonex in 2007 with three concrete mixer trucks, an aged concrete pump, and a lot of determination – even down to handing out fliers in the streets.

Lerouge’s determination paid dividends. But it was his meeting with Luis Garcia, founder of Adonel Concrete, the largest independently owned concrete company in South Florida, which led to the real transformation – a merger in October 2010 to create Adonel-Betonex, a new force in the Haitian construction business.

Lerouge recalls telling Garcia during the negotiations: “It’s not what I’ve built so far – it’s who I am in this sector in Haiti.”

Today, Lerouge is company President and Garcia CEO, and the business has three concrete plants, 30 mixer trucks, three concrete pumps and a dynamic staff of 45. “Being in the concrete business, my commitment is to give solid and lasting foundations to a new Haiti”, he smiles.

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