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Glory Industries manufactures personal paper products, toilet paper and napkins. We are proud to provide jobs in Haiti while being the hygiene solution.


GLORY INDUSTRIES is a privately owned, woman founded and woman operated tissue converting company, located in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

GLORY INDUSTRIES produces personal care tissue paper products, such as toilet paper and napkin papers under the glory trademark.

The Company produces many sub-brands, “Glory SIYE” meaning wipe in Haitian creole, “Glory PWOP” meaning clean. These brands are special marketing conceptions, for the local Haitian market. Other brands like Glory CLASSIC, Glory JOY and Glory LUXE, Glory “PUPPY LOVE” are higher class brands aimed at local and export markets.

We mainly use recycled paper grades in our production, mixed and virgin tissue paper are produced upon order.

We will be shortly adding to our line, jumbo rolls for institutions, small pocket tissue handkerchiefs and kitchen towels. Feminine napkins and diapers will follow.

Today, only 60% of the Haitian population has access to toilet paper due to remoteness and lack of health education or poor hygiene habits.

Our company takes pride in accessing the most remote areas of the country to serve a neglected market, by supplying unique small size products, to meet the needs of isolated low income consumers.

We put major emphasis on hygiene promotion to encourage better tissue usage habits.

This market of 10,497,000 inhabitants is today relying on 95% imports of toilet paper and other hygienic tissue products to satisfy their needs. A great number of imported brands of hygienic paper products serves only 60% of the population and are too expensive to most consumers, forcing them to go without. This leaves 40% of the population underserved.

We are working to not only fill the gap but become substitutes for imports. Our objective is to become the number one players with 50% market share within the next four years.

While being sustainable, the company brings a solution to better hygiene in a nation in needs for the products.

The company is committed to the promotion of Hygiene and Health in the Haitian community, helping consumer’s habits change for the better.

The company is simultaneously satisfying mass consumption with the production of low cost, unique items, to the low end consumers. It is also producing first class brands, to acquire a market share in all market segments, and eventually enter the export market.

GLORY INDUSTRIES is a socially and environmentally responsible company. We are working hard to make our personal care brands become synonymous of hygiene, to lead as the HIGIENE SOLUTION


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