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The construction division of the GB Group includes Citadelle United S.A.  - a company which is the result of a partnership between the GB Group and DOMICEM (a part of COLACEM Group) tasked with the sale and distribution of cement as the initial phase of Citadelle’s long term plans. KOLOS is our product brand.

Citadelle was born in order to meet client needs in the construction industry by providing a superior kind of cement produced with the utmost attention to quality. Citadelle also boasts excellent service and experience in both the industry as well as the local market.

Backed by two prestigious partners, Citadelle has come to Haiti with a strong commitment to deliver high quality products always accompanied with sustainable development and environmental preservation practices.

Our cements are manufactured with state-of-the-art technologies guaranteed by the COLACEM Group – one of the leading enterprises in the international cement industry – in the most modern plant in the Caribbean. Moreover, strict management by experienced and trained professionals in Italy, United States and Dominican Republic ensure we are always at the forefront of innovation.

Efficient sales and output levels are the result of the continuous application of the values which have always guided us: quality, commitment, integrity, responsibility, service and team work.

KOLOS: Special Portland Cement

High strength cement, ideal for prefabricated and construction works requiring high-performance concrete. It has strength of more than 3190 psi after 3 days and more than 5000 psi after 28 days.

KOLOS Special Portland Cement is a consistent and reliable product, manufactured according to the most rigorous quality standards. This product is a high-setting cement able to improve the durability of concrete structures.

KOLOS: Portland Cement

This product is ideal for: high plasticity mortars, high quality pre-mixed products or high strength and high durability concretes. Portland Cement is great for general use with a comprehensive strength of more than 2610 psi after 3 days and more than 4000 psi after 28 days. It is consistent and its quality is guaranteed.

Like our KOLOS Special Portland Cement, KOLOS Portland Cement is a consistent and reliable product, manufactured according to the most rigorous quality standards. This product is a high-setting cement able to improve the durability of concrete structures.


Our quality is a combination of experience, science, technology, innovation and know-how. Our superior quality is achieved through the use of automated processes and accuracy controls. Our products are manufactured according to Dominican standards (NORDOM). Additionally, we have obtained a product certification issued by the Directorate General of Quality Standards and Systems (DIGENOR) as well as the implementation of a Quality Management System compliant with ISO 9001-2008 standards defined by the International Organization for Standardization.


Citadelle guarantees its customers the availability of KOLOS products at any time with immediate delivery. In fact, we guarantee product delivery within 36 hours or less to ANY part of the country! Both our production site (located in the Dominican Republic) and commercial offices are designed to provide swift and precise turnaround on every order.

KOLOS’s philosophy is aimed toward excellence. This is made possible thanks to a professional and organized team members coupled with modern technologies. Efficient and reliable service is made possible with the help of specialized and dedicated technicians providing customers with uninterrupted support pre- and post-sale.


Our slogan “The best quality cement” does not only refer to a superior product, but also to a product manufactured in harmony with the environment and our surrounding communities. We continuously strive to contribute to the wellbeing of those to whom our services are being offered through our conviction of constant improvement and sustainable development practices.

Preserving the environment where we operate is as important as our product’s quality. This is why we invest in environmental preservation through the proper use of energy, human resources and raw materials.

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