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Constructions that transcend


Blocks del Pais
Given the great demand for high quality products for the construction of touristic projects in the Eastern Region of the Dominican Republic, in the year 2005 Codelpa incorporated the manufacturing of blocks amongst its business units, under the brand name “Blocks del País”.
Concredom began its operations in 2002. It has a production capacity of 72,635 m³ per month, with a timely dispatch of 100m³ per hour; delivered to any location in the country.
Cemento Panam
Panam Cement is a modern cement plant designed with all green standards in mind, with a high level standards of quality and technology.



We invite you to meet Codelpa

With over two decades of engineering and construction expertise, Codelpa shares with you its history. One that has allowed the development of transcendental projects that are now part of the Caribbean landscape.

Well aware of the fact that infrastructure is the foundation that fosters the future growth and development of citizens, businesses, and nations alike; Codelpa has always operated with a performance criterion that is based on innovation, discipline, training, and a consistent investment in quality. Such a criterion has in turn rendered increased satisfaction to both our clients and our partners. This achievement has been the result of the arduous efforts exerted by all members of the Codelpa family.

History and Development

Codelpa was born in the year 1988, in the city of Santiago de los Caballeros, located in the Dominican Republic. Since its inception the company has been dedicated to the construction industry, erecting high-rise residential structures while endorsing the concept of vertical housing as a means to address urban growth.

Throughout its expansion process, Codelpa diversified its products and services. As a result of the success attained within the construction field, during the year 2002, Codelpa opened offices in Bávaro and Santo Domingo, subsequently expanding to the cities of Samaná, La Romana, Puerto Plata and, San Francisco de Macorís, as well as other relevant tourist sites in the country; thus covering virtually the entire nation. The next step entailed the set-up of operations in other countries within the Caribbean, where Codelpa has established strong commercial ties that are presently contributing towards the development of these countries.

A leading Institution

Codelpa is a leading company in the construction of hotel projects, having built more than 10,000 rooms for prominent hotel chains within the national and international tourism trade. Moreover, it also possesses a sound expertise in the development of residential projects, while it continues to grow in the field of manufacturing products and services associated with the construction industry.

To this regard, Codelpa contributes towards the economic growth, by creating employment opportunities and business development prospects, as well as by establishing value alliances that foster the personal development of its members; the business success of its clients and suppliers; and the sustainable development of the communities where it operates.

While operating effectively in a manner that is both socially correct and environmentally responsible, the institutional policy of Codelpa stems from solid corporate principles that prioritize quality and attention to customer service; on-time delivery; simplification of obstacles; and the creation of trusting relations with clients, suppliers and collaborators. The outcome of these principles has sustained Codelpa’s long-standing career for over two decades career throughout its years of operations.

Certify Quality

To ensure quality control, Codelpa complies with the standards and norms established by the countries where it operates, and at the same time it follows the norms established by: International Building Code, American Concrete Institute, American Society of Civil Engineers, and American Society for Testing and Materials.

The Performance Quality System certification ISO 9001-2008- which was granted by the Firm International SGS on April 2011, confirms the quality of Codelpa.

Quality is the backbone that sustains Codelpa’s institutional philosophy and thus, it is present in all its areas of business.




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