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Locally Produced Environmentally Sustainable Buildings

Welcome to Veerhouse Voda

The Veerhouse Voda building system is a versatile alternative that uses less material, consumes less energy, and allows faster construction time than traditional methods.

How it Works

See  a fully-featured home built in 5 easy steps in a fraction of the time and cost of conventional construction.

A frame of lightweight steel (LWS) is built. The frame gives the house a strength which is equal to a traditional house made of standard construction block.
The Expanded PolyStyrene (EPS) walls are placed into the LWS frame. The EPS provides excellent insulation which decreases the home’s energy consumption and guarantees a comfortable temperature in all seasons.
A special Veerhouse mortar is applied on the EPS walls. This gives the walls a strength equal to a traditional foundation wall.
The roof is placed followed by the windows, the doors and other facilities.
The wall (plaster, paint, tiles, wood strips, stone strips) is finished and personalized to mirror the appearance of the local housing vernacular and other building typologies.

System Advantages

The system involves a combination of lightweight steel frames, Expanded PolyStyrene (EPS) walls and patented mortar mix which, when assembled, provides a very strong structure resistant to earthquake, hurricane, fire, flood and other natural disasters.

System features and advantages:


  • Adheres to Eurocodes building standards
  • Compatible with traditional building methods including concrete, I-beam and wood
  • 4 to 5 times faster than traditional building methods reducing your overall labor costs
  • The system is less expensive than traditional methods
  • Certified hurricane resistant up to Category 4
  • Earthquake resistant
  • Fire tested to 1,500 degrees centigrade
  • Flood resistant (no mold)
  • Non caloric – no insects or rodents
  • No wood needed (environmentally superior)
  • Housing lifespan 70+ years
  • Water purification and solar options available
  • Multiple story – up to 6 stories with lightweight steel, above six stories with concrete or I-beam frame
  • No heavy machinery needed


VeerHouse Voda from Veer House on Vimeo.


List of Quality Certificates:

  • KOMO: IKB 1040/5 International Building standards Wall system Veerhuis
  • TNO report 2004-CVB-R0043 (EN 13823:2002 and EN 11925-2:2002) Fire test: outside
  • TNO report 2004-CVB-R0042 (EN 13823:2002 and EN 11925-2:2002) Fire test: inside
  • TNO report 2005-CVB-R0171(NEN 6069:2001 in connection with NEN-EN 1364-1/C1:2001) Fire test total Veerhuis system
  • Veerhuis Seismic report, Prof. Dr. Eng. F.M. Mazzolani, professor of structural engineering, University of Naples, Italy (Eurocodes)
  • Strenght report 2008 van Dijk & Swart 080310-001 Strength Veerhuis wall system
  • Shock test report 2005: Bouwtechnologie RDA report 1594
  • Hurricane report 2007, Windesheim Institute report

Building Types


Veerhouse Voda produces a large number of building structures quickly. Veerhouse Voda provides planning and design work, or can utilize specified architectural plans. The Veerhouse Voda system is flexible to fit all building needs, and has been used in low cost to luxury housing.

Medical Facilites

Veerhouse Voda has a dedicated team specializing in medical facilities including hospitals, medical and dental clinics. Our team provides planning and design work, or can work with specified architectural plans whether in rural or urban settings.


Veerhouse Voda provides a wide range of building types for schools, universities and learning centers whether single-story or multi-story. These structures are cost effective, and result in faster deployment times.


Veerhouse Voda can produce a large number of building structures. Veerhouse Voda provides planning and design work, or can work with specified architectural plans. The Veerhouse Voda system is flexible to fit all building needs.

The Veerhouse Voda system builds multi-story, insulated industrial storage facilities in less than 2/3 of the time of traditional construction.

Emergency Shelters

Veerhouse Voda emergency shelters are designed to provide immediate shelter from the elements after disaster. These quick deploying structures are designed to be highly resistant to the elements, and converts to permanent housing.


  • Assembled in 4 hours
  • Lifespan of over 5 years
  • Convertible to permanent housing
  • Pricing between USD $3,000 to $4,000 depending on quantities ordered

Social Impacts


Veerhouse Voda has created programs which include recycling of discarded cups, containers and other plastic based refuse, and can use up to 20% of materials in the walls of its housing system.

Veerhouse Voda can provide payment for individuals or companies to collect waste material, and will pay by the weight of the bundles. This provides a cleaner environment through sustainable programs.

Quick Facts

Employment (per factory)

  • 83 people direct
  • 2,000 people indirect


  • Language education for employees and partners
  • Training for middle and higher management
  • Basic training for new Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)


  • Basic medical facilities for employees and their families
  • Nutritional education for employees and their families


  • Pension plan
  • Money management and education
  • Savings account
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