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  • Angle Delmas 19 et rue Patrice Lumumba, route de l'Aéroport, Port-au-Prince
  • Aéroport, Cap-Haïtien


After the devastating earthquake in Haiti back in 2010, more than 300,000 people died and close to one million were left without a home; poor quality of materials and construction techniques that were being used until then were exposed. Due to this unfortunate event, the need to re-evaluate construction techniques and materials being used, and to implement the necessary changes to prevent this from happening again were stronger.

With this in mind, HT BETON was born in the city of Port-au-Prince back in January 2011. Formed by a group of Haitian and international entrepreneurs, who have many years of international experience in both the cement and the concrete industry, and possess the know-how of how to produce great concrete that can meet both the needs and possibilities of the country.

Despite being the newest competitor in the market, HT BETON has established itself as one of the leading ready-mix concrete companies in Haiti. HT BETON currently has a concrete plant in the cities of Port au Prince and Cap-Haitien, a fully equipped testing and research laboratory, a screener for aggregates, two concrete pumps, a mobile plant and a team of specialists with international experience.


At HT Beton we offer solutions for all of your needs of ready mix concrete. By combining the best cement, sand, gravel, and admixtures in the market, we are able to provide our customers a tailor-made concrete that will meet even the most demanding requirements. All of our products are backed-up with a thorough investigation and supervision of our quality specialists, before, during and after the pouring.

By designing the proper mixes and using advancements in mixing technology, we support our customers in reducing the amount of reinforced steel, time and labor they need in various applications. Together with the sale of our ready-mix concrete, we provide a variety of solutions that can help reduce our customers in-place cost of concrete. These services include:

Production of formulations and alternative product recommendations that reduce labor and materials costs.

Quality control, through supervised production and laboratory testing for both for both of our plants, that ensures the best results and bring to a minimum the need to correct completed work.

A live GPS tracking systems that ensure timely delivery and reduce the time incurred by the customers placing and finishing crews.


HT BETON has quite a diverse and complete portfolio of projects that have been a success and for which our customers have been very pleased with the final results. We have had the privilege to work with domestic and international private companies, the Haitian public sector and International NGO's.

Among our most significant Clients and Jobsites we have:

PANEXUS – Reconstruction of the airport facilities in Port-au-Prince.
We provide the concrete and pump services for the concrete needed for the reconstruction of the Touissant-Louverture Airport in Port au Prince.
  INGENIERIA ESTRELLA – Caracol Industrial Park.
The Government of Haiti, together with the U.S. government, the Inter-American Development Bank and a Korean apparel manufacturer are building a 246-hectare industrial park that will give a job to more than 200,000 Haitians in the North Region. HT BETON is a supplier for the concrete needed for this important project that will promote economic growth in the country.
CODELPA – Best Western Hotel in Petion-ville.
Provided concrete and pump services for the pouring of the concrete slabs for the first Best Western Hotel in Haiti, located in Petion-Ville.

CONSTRUCTORA DEL ALBA BOLIVARIANA - Construction and remodeling of the Cap-Haitien airport and runway (in process).
We are the only concrete supplier for the Cap-Haitien airport's facilities and runway remodeling, scheduled to be completed before the end of 2012. We are providing the concrete needed for the runway, prefab boxes, asphalt production and the placement crew. Due to the nature of the project, the concrete must meet the highest quality standards, and for which we have been able to exceed our client's expectations.

Constructora ROFI – Living Houses at Morne a Cabri.
We partially provided the concrete and pumping services for this 3,000 house project located in the Morne a Cabri area, just outside of Port au Prince, which will provide a living space to the families displaced after the earthquake.

Other customers we have had are: European Union, Hadom, Healing Hands for Haiti, Mission of Hope, Eyes Wide Open, Bourville Houses Project, among many others.


Address Angle Delmas 19 et rue Patrice Lumumba, route de l'Aéroport, Port-au-Prince
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