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In 1969, the Acra brothers had already made the bet to believe in a brilliant future for Haiti. Nowadays, beyond technical knowledge, success in the business world rests on the capacity of leaders to create around them an enjoyable atmosphere in the workplace. In these 3 companies, we enjoyed being regarded as a true family. Family, within whom, the diversity of personalities and competences enables us to remain with the avant-garde of our trade. Together, we made the choice of professionalism to preserve an objective vision of the market, explore new fields, fulfill the requirements of our customers and maintain confidence in our partners. With the new millennium, the experiment of elder allied with the creative imagination of youngest will enable us to take up the challenges posed by globalization. Presently, Haiti is undergoing both economic and social changes-the spirit of Liberalization and Globalization is progressively taking place therefore Haiti and its people must also change and face new challenges, new forces. Adaptation and Modernization will be the main vectors. We believe that Nabatco and Inmetal & Caribbean Grain, due to their past experience, trust and concern for the Haitian workforce, is in the best position to participate in the economic development of Haiti

Our local bankers are Capital Bank, Unibank, CitiBank, SogeBank, Scotiabank,.Abroad we work with, Citibank International, Merryl Lynch, UBS, Smith Barney , Morgan Stanley Dean Witter and Union Credit Bank and we have done business with multinationals such Cargill, ADM, PIllsburry, Arcelor Mittal, Le Fer Blanc, Sidor, Cemex and many more.


Caribbean Grain Co. S.A (CGC)

  • Importers of bulk milled white rice (120,000 MT projected)
  • Built a receiving plant (silos) , bagging system capable of turning over 30,000 Mtons/months of grain products accompanied by an in-bond license

National Bag & Trading Company S.A

  • Manufacturers of paper bags for the cement industry
  • Manufacturers of Polypropylene bags for the wheat flour, rice, corn, mill feed industry
  • Manufacturers of PVC pipes for drainage, pressure and electrical conduits
  • Manufacturers of various size plastic closures for the beverage and pharmaceutical industry (2010)
  • Importer and wholesaler of sugar , corn & beans (apprx 100,000MT/year)

Industries Métallurgiques D’Haïti S.A

  • Manufacturers of galvanized corrugated zinc sheets (housing & industrial)
  • Wholesalers of various gage steel sheets
  • Manufacturers & Distributors of prefab structures for home, office, & industrial buildings (2010) /


Banque de Promotion Commerciale et Industrielle S.A (Promobank)

  • The Group acquired shares of formerly known Bank as National Bank of Paris in 1994 and recently sold it in 2006 to SOGEBANK

Acra Financial Services S.A (AFS)

  • Originally the exclusive agent and operator of Western Union in Haiti with more than 200 locations nationwide. We started our operation in 1991 and became #1 Money Transfer company in 2006. The western Union network was sold to Sogebank in September 2009.
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