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GROUPE DYNAMIC, S.A. (The Dynamic group), is a Haitian Holding Company. Our Scope of Operations is essentially in the Service Sector. Our approach is Business expansion through diversification. Today we operate 12 companies in such diversified sectors as Financial, Insurance, Medical, Tourism, Transportation and Building sectors. Our belief is that in developing Nations as in the more advanced Market Economies, business progress and financial success come with.


  • Hard work;
  • Dedication to clients;
  • Professionalism supported by fine communication devices and advanced EDP technology;
  • Economies of Scale
  • Ability to understand and adapt daily to our more and more virtual and everchanging World; it's becoming a matter of survival;
  • And the Enthusiasm of our Management and Staff.

The 12 companies we own and operate currently employ a team of 148 employees working from 6 different locations.

We are committed to continued growth. We welcome offers from International Companies and/or Institutions wishing to be represented and/or to have their products and/or services marketed in Haiti by a "Dynamic Group" of professionals. Our reputation and our knowledge of the local environment are our greatest assets. So if your Company or Institution is serious about professional representation or market penetration in Haiti, do not hesitate to contact the "Dynamic Team". We shall gladly share our views with you.

 PH. Armand
Philippe R. ARMAND, MBA
Chairman and CEO

Address Centre Dynamic - Route de l Aeroport, P.O. Box 1489, Port-au-Prince
Phone 509 2942-0700,509 3776-0700,509 3779-0700