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Who we are
Language is a very powerful tool when used effectively. At Creole Solutions, all we do is interpret your own ideas into effective communication.  We have over a decade of experience in the language industry and have translated over 1 million words that touched the lives of thousands of people. Creole Solutions provides Haitian Creole, French and English translation services especially to businesses targeting Haitian communities.  We have the capacity to work on major projects in the fields of education, transportation, medicine, technology, and scientific research. We understand the power of words and make the best use of it.
Professional and Innovative Solutions
Our team understands the value of giving clients the best quality service possible.  That is why we are equipped with the latest technology in the translation, multimedia, and the localization industry.  SDL, Trados, Wordfast, Across, and Creative Suite are just a few of our many tools.  We also take advantage of technology to promote Haitian Creole. Our team is very proud of its custom wordlist of over 95% of commonly used Haitian Creole words. That wordlist obviously has words that would not normally be detected in the standard spell check process of any software.  This type of advanced tool allows Creole Solutions to spell check and proof larger documents with ease.
About Our Founder
Marleen Julien's life is centered around Haitian language, history, and culture. She grew up in an environment full of languages and cultures and that naturally trained her as an interpreter.  With a strong background in International Relations and over 13 years working at the Haitian Consulate in Chicago, she understands the needs of the people of Haiti and the impact of social innovations and economic development. Her work can be seen through her contributions at the Haitian Consulate in Chicago, her support of many non-for-profit organizations, as well as her promotion of the Haitian language and culture. 
Our company offers several dynamic services. Clients are able to choose from an array of services such as:
Translation (written)
We handle all types of documents in every format from Adobe PDF to XML in the Legal, technical, Medical, Financial, Education, and nonprofit sectors.
Interpretation (spoken)
We have trained interpreters for court interpretation and Medical interpretation, Escort Interpreters (Haiti), and Telephonic interpretation.
Proficiency Testing
Creole Solutions has the capacity to assess linguistic ability in speaking and listening as well as customer service skills. This is best utilized by organizations that want to hire Haitian Creole speakers. In this capacity, Creole Solutions becomes very useful for Human Resources in the hiring process.
Cultural and Language Training 
We offer private Creole lessons (phone and online) to people that want to learn Creole or about the Haitian people. They learn about the culture as they learn the language.
Market Research
Creole Solutions has the capacity to conduct mass specific research about Haiti and Haitian communities. This service is best utilized by businesses that are looking to open their markets to Haitians in the Diaspora or Haiti. 
Document Design
Creole Solutions has the capacity to design items for your business or program initiatives such as: recruitment flyer, applications, marketing ads, and much more.
Website/Software Localization
We translate websites and software to adapt to the Haitian culture. This gives businesses the capacity to expand their demographic touch to many segments of the Haitian community.
Desktop Publishing
Creole Solutions can create strategic marketing designs for materials and your website.
Other Services
Other services include editing, transcription, copy-editing, and voice over.
Creole Solutions offers the highest quality services. We follow the ATA's Code of Professional Conduct and Business Practices in addition to  the implementation of the following in every translation project: 
  1. Pre-Translation: Assigned linguists review document to get familiar within content;
  2. Translation: First linguist conducts research and produces draft translations;
  3. Editing: Second linguist performs full revision and checks for syntax and readability;
  4. Verification: Original linguist validates changes made by second linguist;
  5. Proofreading: Third linguist makes a final check for spelling errors;
  6. Quality Assurance: A fourth team member detects and eliminates inaccuracies and inconsistencies;
  7. Desktop Publishing (Optional): Desktop publisher inserts translated text into existing files or creates a new document layout;
  8. Target Audience Review (Optional): Members of target audience review translated material for cultural relevancy and quality assurance;
  9. Back Translation (Optional): Document is translated back into original language without source to ensure that the translation is accurate;
  10. Final Delivery: Translation is delivered in format(s) requested.
Creole Solutions has the capacity to translate intricate documents. Over the years, Creole Solutions has translated close to 1 million words for several major industries such as:


  • Translation and Software Localization: Software where inmates and their families use to set up visits online - 8,000 words
  • Translation: Document for Haitian inmates’ rights - 7,000 words
  • Translation: Document about Rights Against Discrimination - 20, 000 words
  • Translation of forms/newsletter for housing agency 30,000 words Transportation
  • Translation and Subtitling: Safety video for major airline company - 10,000 words
  • Translation of a Driver’s License Handbook for motor vehicle department - 20,000 words

  • Translation: Various health related documents about Cholera Prevention - 5,000 words
  • Translation: Guides for medical Aid Workers on dealing with various Trauma -  60,000 words
  • Translation: Consent form for Clinical Trial -  6,000 words

  • Translation: Modules on Banking and Credit - 30,000 words
  • Translation: Software that allows parents to send money to their children online: -  12,000 words

  • Software Localization: Translation of online classifieds website - ongoing
  • Translation/DTP for Business Management Software - 36,000 words Education
  • Copy-Editing for Haitian Creole Phrasebook - 375 Pages
  • Voice over for CD Version of Textbook (15 hours)
  • Translation of guides to parents 6,000 words
  • Translation of numerous forms for parents

  • Translation of numerous health-related materials for NGO, ongoing
  • Translation of Monthly Reports for NGO, ongoing
  • Translation for Water Purifier Instruction - 2,000 words
  • Guide for aid workers in Haiti - 50,000 words
  • Translation and cultural adaption for popular American children’s television show -  5,000 words
  • Translation and adaptation children songs  1,000 words

  • Translation of employee benefits - 12,000 words
  • Letters to Policy Holders, ongoing

  • Employment guidebook for hotel industry -  7,000 words
  • Translation employee benefits and newsletter for food and agricultural company, ongoing
  • Translation for employment guide about Safety for a manufacturing company - 30,000 words

  • Translation of Civil Action, a court document -  33 pages
  • Translation of Employee contract - 3,000 words
  • Release forms for a Hospital - 7,000 words

  • Translation of immigration forms 5,000 words
  • Information about TPS - 500 words 


Creole Solutions is participating in several social initiatives that promote development in Haiti.

Creole Solutions has made contributions to several organizations such as Organisation Nationale pour l'Encadrement des Enfants (ONENF), a nonprofit organization that works with children and place them in educational programs. Creole Solutions also sponsors many other local and Haiti related education programs. To date, Creole Solutions has directly touched over 500 youth through education outreach. 
Pro Bono Services
Creole Solutions understands the power of words. It is through the understanding of the power of language that Creole Solutions has given many businesses and nonprofit organizations pro bono translation services. This type of social impact allows businesses and nonprofit organizations to present resources to individuals. The businesses and nonprofit organizations offer vital social services to the community. Therefore, it is important that they have the language tools needed to spread their message.
Cultural Awareness 
Creole Solutions is working with a number of organizations to promote the Haitian culture and development in Haiti.  Creole Solutions has a partnership with Spring Break in Haiti to offer Haitian Creole classes to its clients. The program is for one that in which Spring Breakers will embrace the exotic culture of Haiti. Participants will tour cities including Cap-Haitien, Jacmel, and Port-Au-Prince, all of which have sustained extraordinary cultural expression through music, painting, exquisite Creole cuisine, natural excursions, and resort settings that could only be described as a "Caribbean Paradise". Creole Solutions is also one of the main sponsors of Podium Ecoliers, an annual talent show for Haitian students all over the country. 

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