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Company Profile

As an Irish owned security and risk management company Reconnaissance Group operates on the principle of creating strategic partnerships with our clients. It is our key belief that a strong integrated partnership will enable us to mitigate risks relevant to our clients business, and ultimately aid in protecting profits and securing shareholder confidence. Reconnaissance operates extensively throughout some of the business world’s most difficult markets with a proven track record and a unique ability to provide cost effective security solutions that enables our clients to carry out their daily business.

As an employer of over 1200 staff worldwide and with successful business in several markets we understand the need to keep business moving forward without being distract from the company's core mission. We strive to bring together a multi national team with a vast array of training, skills and experience.  

GPS vehicle tracking
Reconnaissance provides a complete Global Positioning System tracking service for monitoring of staff and assets. This system has been extensively developed to suit our client’s needs and is aimed at reducing loss across the organisation. 
Awareness Programme
Reconnaissance designed an awareness programme to provide guidelines for staff from a security and safety point of view. The programme is aimed at assisting companies to deliver a range of presentations and videos to assist in delivering a safe work environment.
SITECH Remote Management
Reconnaissance has developed a powerful remote site monitoring system to provide our clients a solution to their security needs for difficult to reach locations. SITECH can view CCTV via 3G networks and allows for monitoring of generators and fuel consumption. 

Awareness Programme

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