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About Us

Metro Security team members have operated for many years in Haiti’s unique and often tumultuous security environment. Our cadre includes a diverse staff of individuals with past experience in law enforcement, military and protective security, both locally and abroad.

We set ourselves apart from others in the local industry by taking a hands-on approach when providing security. Metro Security executives are involved in every aspect of our operations. From the assessment and planning stages, to implementation and supervision, we ensure that our clients’ security needs are properly met.


Personal Security Detail

Our Close Protection Officers (CPO) undergo a rigorous course in protective security techniques and firearms training, based on diplomatic security standards. Our CPO’s are trained to operate as a single officer or in a team environment.

We have discreetly and successfully protected clients against harm and embarrassment throughout some of Haiti’s most turbulent times. Whether you are a long-term or short-term client, Metro Security can design a personal security detail to fit your needs.

On Site Security Guards

We provide uniformed site security guards for residences and businesses. Trained to protect lives and property, our armed guards act as a deterrent against crime and have the ability to provide an armed response in the event of an emergency.

Personal Security Assessments

We have conducted security assessments for home owners, architects and engineering firms. We identify physical security requirements and provide our clients with solutions in order to meet industry standards.

Our team performs a detailed evaluation of your home or business including:

Physical Deterrence
Access Control (Mechanical, Electronic and Procedural)
Intrusion Detection
Video Monitoring
Personnel Response

You will be provided with a detailed plan outlining proven methods for enhancing security at your facility.

Our team provides services to long-term and short-term clients such as:

-Local Businesses
-International Airline Companies
-Non-Governmental Organizations
-Faith-based Missions
-Inter-Governmental Organizations
-Diplomatic Missions
-Government Entities
-Visiting Business Executives
-Visiting Celebrities
-Relief Organizations
-International News Agencies

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