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Haiti Regarded as a pioneer in security services in Haiti, our established in-country infrastructure, secure compound and local expertise has been developed since the 2010 earthquake. We now have over 120 staff in the country, many of whom have former Presidential security, UN and specialist police unit security experience and contacts.




Our team maintains strategic relationships held with key institutions: diplomatic missions, government officials, law enforcement and MINUSTAH command.


Our in-country experience includes all areas of country, from Les Cayes, Leogane to Cap Haitian and Fort Liberte.

Our experts have an understanding of the localized risks in Haiti including political fragility, civil unrest, road safety, inadequate medical response and vulnerability to environmental threats such as hurricanes.

Our operational team, financial strength, contracts compliance expertise and global insurance give our clients the support they need.

Projects include:

• Management of security services and diplomatic protection for the Embassy of Canada, its 15+ residences and diplomats throughout Haiti since 2010.

• Provision of mobile security and local logistic services for significant NGO and development projects.

• Journey management, emergency response, secure transport and tracking service provision to commercial clients and infrastructure developers.

• Integrated project security management, risk reduction, transport and secure accommodation services to a major infrastructure improvement project operating in the highest risk areas of Port-au-Prince.

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