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Virtual Defense & Development International, Inc. (VDI) is a trusted leader in providing specialized security, intelligence and troubleshooting solutions in challenging environments around the world. We have an enviable record of protecting assets and improving profitability throughout project life cycles for multinational companies operating abroad. VDI is unparalleled in the industry at developing and managing comprehensive programs addressing each client’s unique requirements.

For over a decade, VDI has nurtured extensive relationships with key foreign leaders to forge a competitive edge for our clients. We have been equally successful in helping troubled nations transition from conflict to peacetime by helping governments reestablish and modernize their security services. VDI’s respected international background and unique experience has led to the award of security and intelligence contracts in over 46 countries.

Companies and organizations seeking to expand operations abroad, needing to establish a comprehensive security program, requiring operational intelligence to aid executive decision making, or currently facing risk or investment challenges, are invited to contact VDI to confidentially discuss how we may assist you.

In addition to our business operations, VDI is committed to giving back to the community through direct support to local, national and international groups through the following charitable organizations:


Loudoun Crime Commission
National Museum of the Marine Corps
Organization for Statehood and Freedom




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Published: Kidnap For Ransom: Resolving The Unthinkable

Exec Richard Wright has written the seminal work on kidnapping



VDI has a diverse client base of companies and organizations with whom we have developed a close relationship over fifteen years of dedicated service. Our goal is to deliver lasting security solutions, on time and within budget, that engender the long-term relationships essential to VDI’s success. We do not just work to the terms of the contract, but to the spirit of the agreement, to deliver quantifiable results. VDI takes the time to understand a client’s particular security challenges and to craft appropriately unique solutions.  VDI professionals are comfortable working in diverse global settings and varied threat environments.



VDI provides on-site domestic and overseas security management services in some of the world’s most difficult and dangerous environments. Our dedicated security experts draw on years of overseas experience, with many coming from a background in intelligence, law enforcement, and the armed forces. VDI professionals maintain contacts at the highest level of foreign governments and security services. VDI team members are specifically selected for each engagement, combining local area knowledge with security acumen. They speak the local language, know local customs, and are comfortable operating in the most trying conditions. In close cooperation with client field and headquarters staff, VDI is able to seamlessly integrate all aspects of an organization’s security needs into a coherent program that reduces risk and improves safety for staff, travelers and dependents. Our corporate philosophy is that security should enable your operations, not impede them.




VDI develops and delivers specifically designed programs in organizational resilience for clients that are in need of a thorough approach to the interrelated disciplines of crisis management, business continuity and disaster recovery.  Basing our approach on best practice standards, VDI analyzes the client’s needs to identify weaknesses, remediate deficiencies, and improve organizational resilience. In addition to the establishment and implementation of continuity of operations plans, VDI has assisted clients through various challenging crisis situations, including evacuations of in-country staff due to natural disasters, internal civil strife, and war.



VDI is experienced in the discreet and professional development or reorganization of security programs. We begin by conducting a comprehensive survey of the client’s business and operations and providing detailed recommendations on program development, including manpower needs, budgets, structure, and necessary levels of support. Once the recommendations are approved, we craft policies and procedures, crisis management and operations plans, and assist in their implementation. Depending on the organization's structure, we can also supply all of the necessary security personnel via an outsourced contract. VDI’s flexibility allows us to provide a superior level of service to the client with executive level attention to each engagement.




January 2010: VDI Personnel assisting with evacuations of Port au Prince.

VDI has a proven track record of safely navigating clients through the most challenging incidents. We have a history of delivering immediate response solutions to significant crises, both natural and manmade. VDI has successfully evacuated expatriate staff in response to earthquakes, hurricanes and severe social unrest — often in countries with limited infrastructure. For example, VDI was the first to establish emergency air transport to Port-au-Prince following Haiti’s devastating 2010 earthquake.

Within 24 hours of the earthquake VDI had successfully evacuated foreign staff of a major international organization and went on to establish an air bridge, ferrying in both first-responders and critical supplies. Additionally, VDI has leveraged contacts with foreign law enforcement officials to respond quickly and effectively when clients suffer a security incident. VDI has also successfully resolved numerous kidnappings around the world.



VDI designs, develops, and deploys travel security solutions that protect mission-critical information and resources for organizations worldwide. We help our clients at every stage of the project life cycle, from crafting policies and criteria, to international traveldevelopment, administration, operations and management.  VDI’s subsidiary, Overseas Security LLC, provides a website dedicated to providing timely and accurate information to anyone travelling or permanently working abroad. Our objective is to provide the best security information available from any source in an easily accessible format. From our perspective, too many companies fail to put security information into context -- after all, what you really want to know is "What do I need to do to make my travel safer, how does that incident affect me, and what should I do if something does happen?"

Our goal is to facilitate safe travel, not impede it. We have a team of dedicated, former intelligence analysts with international expertise, who review in-country security incidents on a daily basis and make that information available on the web, via email alerts, and directly to your phone or PDA. This data is supplemented and corroborated though our in-country network of sources in the government, military, and security services. Our analysts also provide comprehensive country security reports that offer substantive details on the security environment in country and cover differing aspects of crime in capital cities and tourist areas.

Companies and travelers have access to more than just travel information, however. In a real emergency, VDI and its staff are just one click or call away, ready to provide available resources for flyaway crisis management support.



Defensive Driving Course in El Salvador

The protection of expatriates, executives, and high net worth individuals,as well as their families is a central issue for any company or organization operating in a foreign country. Ultimately, human capital is the most valuable asset of any organization, and appropriate safety and security precautions are not just a moral imperative, but a professional imperative as well. The traditional methodologies of personal protection, underpinned by deployment of armed bodyguards and armored cars, are increasingly anachronistic in today’s modern and evolving threat environment. A dynamic executive or dignitary protection program starts with a thorough knowledge of the potential threat and criminal or terrorist methods as practiced locally in a given country.

An effective strategy can then be developed for protecting executives and family members. VDI is proud to have staff members that have on the ground security experience in dozens of countries worldwide and think outside the box, developing unique solutions to the challenges of safely deploying expatriate staff and dependents globally.

With professionals who have made a living operating in challenging foreign environments, often in close contact with national policymakers and businessmen, VDI is uniquely positioned to support client business activities overseas. During the term of our engagement, we look out for your business interests in all facets of what we do—forging lasting bond that serves as the cornerstone of the VDI-client relationship. At VDI, we understand that our own success is measured by the success and safety of those we serve.



With professionals who have made a living operating in challenging foreign environments, often in close contact with national policymakers and businessmen, VDI is uniquely positioned to support clients’ business activities overseas. During the term of our engagement, we look out for your business interests in all facets of what we do—forging a lasting bond with our clients that is at the cornerstone of the VDI-client relationship. At VDI, we understand that our own success is measured by the success and safety of those we serve.



An executive wrongly imprisoned on fraudulent or politically-motivated charges; a family member kidnapped by a terrorist organization or criminal group; a corporation denied access to a contracting process because of corrupt public officials—successful resolution of these incidents required discreet VDI professionals with experience conducting sensitive negotiations in opaque environments. For those organizations and companies doing business internationally, we specialize in intelligence gathering and the quiet negotiation and resolution of disputes with third parties, other companies and host governments.



With crucial local knowledge of key political, social, and economic issues as well as vital top-level foreign government contacts gleaned from years of overseas assignments, VDI representatives can expand opportunities for numerous companies and organizations looking to grow their operations abroad. To potential clients and others, VDI offers our the services as a confidential intermediary. The opportunity for clients to leverage our network of contacts, developed over many years, is unique in the industry. We can open doors, broker key meetings, avoid lengthy bid processes and deliver vital information necessary to operate profitably, successfully, and safely abroad.



VDI has years of specialized global expertise in the natural
gas and oil exploration industries.

There are sometimes instances when a company or organization’s activities abroad require certain discretion. VDI can quietly support a client’s operations by conducting non-attributable activities overseas. Such "hidden-hand" operations may be for acquisitions, to maximize the value of the company's purchasing dollar, render ineffective a foreign competitor, or perform some other task requiring corporate anonymity or a low profile. With our team of experienced professionals, VDI is ideally suited to take on sensitive special projects abroad, while ensuring full FCPA compliance.



In today’s global economic arena, “knowledge is power”.  No organization should enter into binding agreements with any other entity without a careful examination and evaluation of prospective partners. Our investigations abroad are conducted quietly, with the assistance of high-level contacts among local officials serving in various government institutions, including executive and legislative branches, the police, military, and intelligence services. VDI also has relationships with senior foreign business leaders, and is accustomed to making discreet inquiries in high-risk environments.

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