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Juno Security is Miami, Florida's leader in Commercial, Residential,Security Events (Weddings, Parties, Shows Concerts),Bodyguards and Chauffeurs. EVENT PROTECTION & SECURITY We provide professional security for events, corporate conferences, fund raisers, businesses, night clubs, and government jobs. With a perfectly secured environment, our company gives you the peace of mind to concentrate and conduct your business affairs without worry while feeling safe. Juno Security exudes the highest quality effort and possesses expert knowledge in regarding both Security Commercial and Residential . We conduct our business in the Miami, Florida area and bring the community a reliable source for Government Contracts , Events Security and Bodyguards . Please contact us with any questions or comments. A member of our staff will be happy to assist you.



Looking for a job in the exciting field of Security Guard? Look no further, Juno Security is always hiring. Download our application form here to get started. We understand the responsibility of protecting personal or commercial assets, we stand ready to take on the challenges of securing your interest. To request our service download and fill out our job request form here and we will do the rest.



  • Bullet Armed Security
  • Bullet Unarmed Security
  • Bullet Executive Protection
  • Bullet Front Desk Ambassador Service
  • Bullet High Value Goods
  • Bullet Secure Escort & Transport
  • Bullet Special Events Security
  • Bullet Security Consulting
  • Bullet All Assets Protection
  • Bullet Commercial & Residential Security
  • Bullet Chauffeur Service

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