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Thomas is a Security progressive security company with a strong organizational culture that creates shared values ​​of responsibility with management, employees and customers. We provide a variety of security solutions for many market segments. The work is done with respect for ethical standards. When you decide to work with Thomas Security, know that we are committed to perform beyond your expectations.


Thomas Securite is dedicated to providing security in the areas assets, property, and personal protection that exceeds the expectation of all our clients.  We commit ourselves to achieving unsurpassed and personalized security solutions to suit the needs of our customers whether their concerns are residential or commercial, national or international, large or small.

Thomas Securite endeavors to maintain strict professional and ethical standards that are consistent with Haitian regulations and laws.  Our company’s philosophy of teamwork, reciprocal understanding, and developing long-term business relationships are the cornerstones of our success and continuing growth.


Thomas Securite is owned by Ketely Thomas, a Haitian business woman and active member of the Association Professionelle des Agences de Securite (APAS). She has assembled a national and international management team who sole purpose is to ensure that Thomas Securite is providing services that exceed other quality national and international security firms.

Thomas Security Company SA was opened in 1991 and has now provided quality security solutions to our national and international clients for over 18 years.  The Company debuted with a staff of less than 40 members providing personalized and professional security services to businessmen in metropolitan Port-au-Prince.

Today, Thomas Security is present throughout Port-au-Prince, the capital’s surrounding areas, and in numerous provincial cites; including Gonaives and Les Cayes for the last five years.  The staff has grown to over five hundred officers and administrative members capable of performing a vast array of security operations nationally.  Our professional relationships allow us to liaison with security providers in the Dominican Republic to ensure seamless security solution that encompass the entire island.

Security management and agents are the heart of our success. Once selected, every staff member will successfully complete a position specific internal training program. The programs are based on the best practices of security officer training in North America and Europe. Upon graduation from the course which includes instruction in Introduction to Security, Interpersonal Communication, Fire Prevention, Detention and Control, Firearm, Use of Force, Ethics, Report Writing, and Management the officer or supervisor will complete a probationary field training phase.

Thomas Securite is lead by a diverse team of professionals from various backgrounds with Haitian and foreign military experience and international and national police experience.  Members of the executive staff graduated from US Naval Academies, various Haitian, Canadian and United States of American Colleges and Universities.  Thomas Securite is capable of providing every customer with a unsurpassed security solutions.


Thomas Securite protects homes, workplaces, and society.  We can respond to unique and specific security challenges facing our customers by tailoring our services according to specific segments.  The company is active in the following segments:

  • Aviation:  Within the aviation segment we are able to offer a variety of services centred on all airport needs including freight forwarders and other airport related businesses.
  • Construction:  A construction site needs to be protected from internal and external security concerns.  Our costumers in this segment include contractors, developers, sub-contractors, and consultants.
  • Education:  Schools and universities have both tangible and intangible assets to protect. But above all the student, teachers, and visitor need to be secure.  We can provide the security regardless if the facility is a preschool, high school, or university.
  • Energy: Companies in the energy sector including electric, oil, and gas suppliers are considered high risk and require advanced security solutions.
  • Financial:  All of the businesses in this segment are responsible for some type of monetary services.
  • Events: We are able to provide special solutions for limited period functions such as concerts, rally, press conferences, sporting events, or cultural events..
  • Offices: This segment comprises of property and facility management companies as well as companies requiring security for their head office.  We can provide security for an entire high rise building, a single floor, or single office; one branch office or multiple offices.
  • Logistics: Many companies are involved in a logistics chain: distribution centers, shipping agents, warehouses, and couriers can all be secured.
  • Retail: Our service in the retail segment can be tailored for shopping centers, restaurants, clothing, multi-story building and service stations.

Thomas Securite is also capable of providing security solutions for hotels, health care facilities, residential, maritime, and manufacturing.


As our segments expand so do our services, Thomas Securite popular services are:

  • Specialized Guarding:  This service is tailored according to the customer’s business and need, and they vary greatly.  The service may involve various type of access and exit control, service-oriented services, or the monitoring business sensitive equipment.  This is our most requested service.
  • Protection Service:  We offer personal protection for individuals or groups.  Our specially trained close protection officers can offer a low profile and high level of discretion and be integrated into existing security arrangements.
  • Security Escorts: It is often necessary to move important people, valuable items, and money in high risk areas.  This service requires advanced planning and proactive threat considerations.  We are able to provide this service at an unmatched level.

Other services offered by Thomas Securite are general security site assessments, personnel screening, loss prevention, reception and mobile solutions.


Thomas Securite is a unique Haitian security company.  We understand that professional partnerships are effective and increase profitability.  Allow us to be your perfect subcontract partner for work you are unable to cover due to personnel or regulatory restrictions which limits access to lethal and non lethal weapons.

The management of Thomas Securite offers several sub-contracting options:

  • Traditional: Thomas Securite will provide personnel and equipment and manage every aspect of the job based on the contractor’s specifications.
  • Integrated:  Thomas Securite will provide the personnel and equipment per the customer’s specifications integrated with the customer supervision.
  • Network: Thomas Securite will allow the use of the company’s various licenses under the administrative supervision of a Thomas Securite Project Manager.  This is necessary to avoid violations that could jeopardize our license.  The contracting company will be allowed to operate as an independent subsidiary.

Thomas Securite’s sub-contracting solutions are designed for flexibility.  All uniformed officers will be required to wear Thomas Securite uniforms with or without the company patches.

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