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Based in Port-au-Prince, Haiti with Annexes in Florida and the Dominican Republic, it is an international corporate entity that provides unlimited professional safety and security services within the Latin American, Caribbean Region, African, and the Middle East. Our philosophy is to provide superior services to our clients, maintaining high moral and ethical standards and exercising professionalism in all relationships.

As a multi-services company, our ability to maintain the right mix of businesses is critical to success. Our board and Management Team is composed of mixed international members who combined have over 75 years of experience in Law Enforcement, Military, the Intelligence Community, High Risk Security, VIP Protection, Industrial and Corporate Security. We have divided our operations in 3 main departments: Corporate Security, Protection Services, Safety, and Security Training.

A company of dedicated and highly qualified professionals, where safety and security are vital concerns.

Make our customers' lives safer and more secure by protecting their lives and property.

Secure private, government, non-governmental organizations, national and international private companies, as well as private residences.

Corporate Security
-Security Risk Assessments (Context analysis)
-Safety and Security Management Plan
-Contingency Plan
-Security Report and Analysis
-Intelligence Report and Analysis
-Safety and Security Management

Our Account Security Managers and Security Officers undergo vigorous training in security risk management and are recycled 3 times a year for evaluation and continued training. Our corporate security staff divided in regional group with expertise in those regions context.

Protection Services
-Electronic Surveillance
-Armed and Unarmed Guard Force
-Roving Patrol
-Personal Security Detail
-Cash in Transit
-Hostage Negotiation
-Ransom Delivery
-Armed Escort
-Security Evacuation
-Emergency Medical Support and Evacuation

Our Protective Service team undergoes an extremely challenging screening process, requiring for them to clear multiple local and international law enforcement agencies background check before they can begin our 12 weeks basic training course. Our basic training is design to challenge them both mentally and physically. Our security staff receives continued training in foreign language, new security and safety techniques, first response and firearms dynamics. All Protection Services Staff are require to qualify with our weapon systems every six (6) months, their Red Cross. 

Training Services
Our Instructors are carefully selected for their field experience, ability to communicate and knowledge of the subject. Creating a learning environment that is very beneficial to the client. Our instructor undergo months of training and are required to undergo continued training while with Sigma.

Our objective is to provide our clients with unparalleled services and ensure that they are able to carry out their tasks and day-to-day activities. We are in the business of informing, training, protecting and reducing risk to our clients, their staff, and their family.

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