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The most complete vehicle GPS tracking and fleet management system

The AutoTrack system works seamlessly in the background to Lower fuel costs, reduced overtime and increased efficiencies and eliminating side jobs while you focus on your core business!

Company Overview

Each company has unique characteristics that define their business.
AUTOTRACK uses the Enterprise Edition© software to utilize any combination of the available features to provide valuable business information that best meets specific business needs.

Ask yourself:

  • Do you know where your vehicles are at 24x7x365?
  • Where your mobile or remote employees are at any time during their work day?
  • What time they started and finished their day?
  • When they arrived at their scheduled appointments?
  • Where they’ve been in your vehicle, using your fuel, and possibly your tools?

Vehicle LoKator II


·Automatic Tracking - GPS Tracking Device can be programmed to automatically send a location update in various time Intervals.

·Manual Locate - Allows you to manually request the current location of the GPS Device at any time.

·Ignition On/Off Reporting - Automatically marks the date, time, and location a vehicle engine is turned On or Off.

·Idle Time Reporting - Automatically marks the date, time, and location of a vehicle left unauthorized idling but not moving.

·Geo-Fence Alert - Up to 10 custom Geo-fences can be programmed to alert and report automatically with the date, time, and location of a vehicle that travels in, out or both of a pre-defined geographic area.

·Geo-Fence Arrival Alert - Automatically sends notification if the vehicle does not arrive at a specific location by a pre-determined time.

·Self GeoFence Perimeter Protection - The Vehicle Locater can be programmed to activate a perimeter Geo-Fence on a parked vehicle. Should the vehicle be towed, a theft notification will be sent.

·Speeding Alert - Automatically marks the date, time, and location if the vehicle travels over the pre-set Speed Limit.

·Internal Backup Battery-Power Interrupt Alarm - Automatically sends notification if the main power is cut or disconnected.

·Antitheft Alarm - Automatically sends a theft notification if the vehicle is moving with the Ignition Off (IE: vehicle being towed).

·Remote Sensor Reporting - Automatically marks the date, time, and location of up to 3 optional sensors such as doors status, PTO’s, pumps activity, temperature sensor, or other functions.

·Store and Forward - When the GPS Device cannot lock onto a cellular signal, it will store update GPS information and forward the data when it reconnects. The device can store 2000 messages with its internal memory.

·SMS & E-mail Notification - System can be set-up to automatically send Alarm and Alert notifications by SMS Text Message, e-mail, or both.

·Odometer Mileage Information - using our virtual odometer feature you can track the amount of miles driven at any time.

·Daily Diagnostics - the device reports its health and operating condition including Cellular antennas condition and GPS signal.

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