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Direction Centrale de la Police Judiciaire or DCPJ (Central Directorate of the Judicial police)

Direction Centrale de la Police Judiciaire or DCPJ (Central Directorate of the Judicial police) is the Detective service of the Haitian Police. It has six (6) offices in thirty sections or services, and two hundred sixty nine staff. It is located Clercine, an extension of the terminal Guy Malary, and is housed in a thousand square meter building. All DCPJ units are housed together since September 2005, with the exception of Police Science and Technology Center. Previously the DCPJ shared the room with the Departmental Direction of the West is moved over two years towards the city center.

The Central Directorate of Judicial Police's mission is to find the perpetrators of crimes, gather evidence and clues in order to bring them in front their natural judge within the time fixed by law. It fulfills its role primarily in the field of serious organized crime. It is also responsible for combating transnational crime in cooperation with Interpol.

Furthermore, the diverse nature of crimes and criminals easy to change their method and procedure necessary to impose the DCPJ duty to dispose of bodies specialized in the fight against organized crime to carry out its mission.

The Police Judiciaire includes the following services:

  • Le Bureau des Affaires Criminelles (BAC) - The Criminal Affairs Bureau
  • La Brigade de Recherche et d’Intervention (BRI) - The Research and Intervention Brigade
  • Le Bureau de Renseignements Judiciaires (BRJ) - The Judicial Information Bureau
  • La Brigade de Protection des Mineurs (BPM) - The Protection of Minors Brigade
  • La Brigade de Lutte contre le Trafic de Stupéfiants (BLTS) - The Controlling of Narcotics Trafficking Brigade
  • Le Bureau de la Police Scientifique et Technique (BPST) - The Police Scientific and Technical Bureau
  • Le Bureau des Affaires Financières et Economiques (BAFE) - The Financial and Economic Affairs Braigade
  • La Cellule Contre Enlèvement (CCE) - Anti-Kidnapping Cell

Regional Organization

These are the Police forces for the Departments of Haiti. The departments are further divided into 41 arrondissement offices, and 133 communal offices.

  • Direction Département de L’Ouest or DDO(Direction Department of the West)
  • Direction Département de L’Artibonite or DDA (Direction Department of Artibonite)
  • Direction Département du Nord-Est or DDNE (Direction Department of the North-East)
  • Direction Département du Nord or DDN (Direction Department of North)
  • Direction Département du Sud Est or DDSE(Direction Department of the South East)
  • Direction Département du Nord-Ouest or DDNO(Direction Department of the North-West)
  • Direction Département du Centre or DDC(Direction Department of the Center)
  • Direction Département de La Grande-Anse or DDGA(Direction Department of the Large-Handle)
  • Direction Département du SUD or DDS (Direction Department of the South)
  • Direction Département des Nippes or DDnippes (Direction Department of Nippes)

Formation de la Police Judiciaire (DCPJ-Haiti).

Address Boulevard Toussaint Louverture et Clercine 18 (next to MINUSTAH Log Base), Port-au-Prince
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