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Government of Haiti's official Investment Facilitation Center, providing services to foreign and domestic invest.

To promote and support investments growth,
To concretize business opportunities,
To expedite administrative procedures for new and existing business,
To provide technical advice.


Greeting and assisting local and foreign investors;

Providing reliable information whether legal, economical and regulatory relevant to project investment;

Receiving request directly from the investor or its professional advisor for the creation of a company, investment incentives requests, applications for admission into the free zones;

Facilitating, throughout the process, within public sector agencies and administrative entities, to ensure that the follow-up is well carried out, to ensure prompt consideration of issues, and constant liaison with the investor or its representatives;

Consulting services for investors and entrepreneurs on all matters relating to investments;

Conducting studies and activities intended to improve and modernize the legal framework and regulatory affairs.

Facilitation services have no direct cost for the investor. They are provided by the Haitian Government in recognition of the contribution of the investors and companies for job creation and growth of the economy in the country.
General Information
For more information on CFI please contact us at numbers 3701-8967 / 3701-8965

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