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We make projects work.

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Papyrus Consulting is a family firm with two generations of experience. Alice Currelly Nkunzimana  and John Currelly pride themselves on their lasting results-based approach focused on connecting international and local aspirations.

Our attributes:

  • Large network of consultants and broad range of services available
  • Project management experience at multimillion dollar level
  • Constant focus on fostering a sense of ownership by the beneficiary that delivers lasting and genuine publicity for the donor
  • Knowledge of and successful experience with GOH ministries and institutions, including, Interior, Social Affairs, Agriculture, Public Works, Justice, Foreign Affairs, Haitian National Police (PNH), Bureau of Monetization, Economic and Social Assistance Funds (FAES), etc.
  • State institutional strengthening expertise
  • Long successful community based organization experience
  • Management of Haiti- and U.S.-based foundations
  • Expertise in financial analysis of for-profit and non-profit entities and projects
  • Access to a broad network of key informants across sectors
  • Broad client base providing good overview of Haiti
  • Finger on political pulse to inform decisions
  • Partner review of all work submitted

Technical support, contextual analysis and accompaniment are crucial to successful implementation of any on the ground initiative in Haiti. Papyrus Consulting works with you to ensure your projects move forward more quickly, more efficiently and with more lasting results.

About Us


Papyrus Consulting, a registered service provider in Haiti since 2004, is a family firm with over thirty years experience. Our goal is to provide key insights, technical skills and services crucial to any Haiti-based initiatives. We offer a variety of services ranging from technical consulting and advising on project design and implementation to communication services in four languages, conference support and logistics.

We make Projects work.


Alice Nkunzimana, Owner & Managing Partner
Alice Nkunzimana grew up in Haiti and after Graduate School in the United States and working in Israel for a few years, decided to return to her home to open up Papyrus Consulting Services. Aside from running the firm, Alice also personally undertakes select special assignments for the President of Haiti, visiting dignitaries such as Bill & Hillary Clinton, and various foreign ambassadors and high-level officials. She is Co-President of the Mapou Foundation (, a 501(c)3 registered in both the United States and Haiti, created after the January 2010 earthquake to raise funds for worthwhile organizations on the ground. Over the years she has collaborated with numerous local and international organizations and has travelled to all corners of the country. Having lived in Haiti for the past 30 years, she has an excellent understanding of Haitian society, culture and reality. Alice Nkunzimana is at ease working with a wide variety of people from local villagers to high-ranking officials. She has an excellent work ethic and has distinguished herself as a highly competent, hard working, and effective team leader.

John Currelly, Senior Partner

John Currelly is an agronomist by training, with 40 years of professional experience in agriculture, agribusiness, business consulting, and international business and NGO development. He has 30 years in-Haiti experience in agribusiness, microfinance, donor project management, field project development and management, and NGO development and management. His years as the Executive Director of Haiti’s largest private sector foundation and as Resident Representative of one of Haiti’s most highly-regarded NGOs, coupled with his time as project manager with USAID, ten years of private consulting experience, and knowledge of the Haitian private sector as co-founder of Haiti’s first fertilizer bulk-blending plant, give him a strong management experience and broad depth of understanding of the challenges of development in Haiti. Mr. Currelly has had hands-on experience in most aspects of the business and development chain in Haiti and has used this knowledge to create a series of innovative and highly successful projects combining the impetus of the private sector with the social considerations of the poor.    Mr. Currelly brings a wealth of accumulated experience to the business and development sectors and specializes in bringing the two together to create new durable solutions to thorny development issues.


Papyrus offers the following consulting services:

Technical Consulting in the following areas (indicative):?
Project Management?
Capacity Building for Local Organizations
Jobs Creation?
Community Driven Economic Development?


Project and proposal evaluations including:?
Document Vetting?
Initial, Pre-funding Assessment?
Third Party Monitoring and Evaluation??

Project Pre-implementation & Set up ?
Financial Analysis and Projections?
Assistance in Finding Local Implementers?
Due Diligence on Proposal Assertions?
Country-Specific Advice?
Guidance in Acquiring Legal Counsel?
Assistance in Obtaining Performance and Other Key Bonds

Our fees are as follows:

Papyrus seeks to keep its fee structure as simple as possible, with as few additional charges as is practicable. To this end, the daily rate charged will include all normal expenses, as listed below, for work done in Port-au-Prince and its environs. When personnel are obliged to travel outside of the capital area, additional charges will apply.

Items Included in daily rate in Port-au-Prince
?- Vehicle (unless no availability - at discretion of Papyrus)
?- Meals and incidental personal expenses
?- Other project related expenses < $10 each??

Additional charges in Haiti, outside of Port-au-Prince area
?- Hotel - at cost, standard room in standard hotel (receipt supplied, if requested)
?- Meals and incidental personal expenses - $75 daily
?- Vehicle - at rental cost plus fuel and other operating expenses for appropriate vehicle or $2.00 per mile if personal     vehicle is used??

Additional charges, international trips
?- Airfares - at cost. Papyrus regulations will apply
?- Hotel - at cost. Papyrus rates and regulations will apply
?- Expenses - Papyrus rates and regulations will apply?

Project Consultants fees upon request:
Alice Nkunzimana, Owner & Managing Partner
John Currelly, Senior Partner
Senior Consultants
Junior Consultants


Papyrus offers both document translation & interpreting services.
Our fees are as follows:

- US$0.15 per word
- US$0.20 per word for transcription of audio or video
- +25% urgent fee

- US$500.00 per day (>4 hours, <8 hours)
- US$300.00 per half day (<4 hours)
- US$75.00/hour overtime (>8 hours)
- + 20% for weekends & holidays

Please email us for a quote.

Papyrus offers the following logistics services:

Transportation/Accommodation Arrangements
Conference Support
Staffing and Recruiting Due Diligence

Please email us for a quote.
10% on all bookings.


We strive to serve the development process but we are are also interested in leading it! John Currelly wrote the following three articles, based on our collective experience over the last two generations, to illustrate some development principles that we all believe are valid and useful to the process. We encourage you to share your thoughts through our blog and look forward to your contributions.
Sustainable Development Models. The development community is correct in insisting that the outputs of activities in which it participates continue to accrue to the intended beneficiaries once their inputs cease. To enhance the degree of sustainability achieved in a given project, it is important to choose the sustainability model that is most appropriate to the development activity proposed. In general, projects intended to increase employment through stimulating business should be supported with precisely targeted and strategically injected short term investments designed to increase the normal flow of capital in favor of increased job creation. At the other end of the scale, projects designed to improve education services delivery to students might better respond to longer?term inputs at the systemic level, to improve the functioning of the structure to the point that the beneficiaries value it sufficiently to maintain it. Other project categories are susceptible to varying combinations of the two types of sustainability. –Read More–

Appropriate Assistance Approaches. Disasters often impact households in the form of reduced food security, leading to hunger. In seeking to help affected populations, donors often rely on the tools of relief activities and development programs. Relief tends to be a short?term humanitarian effort and concentrates on the alleviation of emergency conditions by means of the provision of livelihood. Although necessary, like first aid, in saving lives initially, it is seldom sufficient to re?establish the former household asset base, which would allow the household to cope with normal conditions. Development, or livelihood promotion, at the other end of the continuum, does not address emergency conditions. It focuses on sustainable long?term benefits and works best with households that can afford the small down?side risks involved with changing traditional activities, e.g. trying new crop varieties that have a low, but ever?present chance of failure. Between these two is a class of activities that attempts to conserve the households’ remaining productive assets early in the process. These activities simultaneously abate the impacts of the emergency (the humanitarian or relief aspect), shorten the recovery period and reduce the vulnerability of future food emergencies (the development aspect). The time frame may range from months to years, and the recipient households must possess some productive assets in order to benefit, such as land, animals or tools. This class of activities can be called mitigation or livelihood protection. –Read More–

Organic Development. Bringing the two concepts of adaptive management and true consultation together could provide a means for the sharing of the management of a social system by a diverse group of stakeholders to better inform adapted and appropriate decision making, leading to a unique and adapted development path. The shared management of resources by as much of the diversity within the community as can be harnessed will increase resiliency through decisions that are better informed, the increased options made available for analysis and testing, and an increased commitment to the process. True consultation provides the means for a group to arrive at the decisions that best reflect its member’s aspirations and will encourage adoption of actions even at the expense of some members’ previously held advantages. –Read More–


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