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A L S Business Solution 

  •    A company with dedicated  professionals 
  •   Experts on bringing buyers and sellers together 
  •   We pride ourselves on providing you with the information you need to make the right Real Estate    Construction, and Marketing  decision.

We are a small service company based in Haiti, that mainly deals with every, and any, kind of business problems you might be dealing with, or may have to deal with eventually  in Haiti

What makes us great at solving  problems, is that, we have the best  network of companies in our directory , from renting to selling your ( house, car, boat ,plane ...)  to shipping your products to Haiti; we get you the service that you need without going out of your budget .

A L S BUSINESS SOLUTION is a management consulting, design and development firm specializing in solving problems. We assist clients in gaining the most value from their investments. Our focus is on delivering actionable and practical solutions through out our client’s organizations. We do this by detecting the problem, formulating different solutions ( out comes ) , system analysis, customer development and consulting. We have been recognized as a people company. We  maintain relationships with all of our clients and customers , that is the key to insure, not only our company’s success, but yours as well.


Our Approach....

As a business solution company, we seek to explore creative options for our clients, and discover hidden opportunities and clever solutions to management problems. We often identify unique solutions that address opportunities using existing systems and capabilities.The most efficient way of proceeding will be provided.

We are experts in deploying solutions using our Company's Network  database . The success of any organization is rooted in how people work together. Our work approach involves carefully considering the impact of change on individuals and the organization. As a result, we create a management solution to ensure a successful business implementation, not simply a technical installation.

We focus on our clients' business issues helping them to be more productive, flexible and scalable. We provide the insight and perspective to anticipate new opportunities and "see around the bend."

Address 8 bis, rue Pierre Sully, Delmas 19, Port-au-Prince
Phone 509 3448-3062,509 3743-0903,509 3280-4275