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Haiti Realty and Services (HRS) is a boutique Real Estate agency consisting of seasoned, devoted, and experienced in house real estate professionals, economist, marketers, legalist, surveyors and various on call consultants in a range of professional related field to service your needs. HRS has grown to be one of the top real estate services agencies in Haiti.


-Annick Timmer


HRS professional staff and related field experts welcomes the opportunity to be of service to the public with the following services:

For Buyers

  • Assistance from search to move-in
  • Comprehensive property search
  • Comprehensive market analyses and guidance
  • Negotiation representation
  • Guidance with purchase requirements
  • Topological survey
  • Guidance with attorneys, public notary, engineers and mortgage providers
  • NOTARY SERVICES (Property title and document inspection)

For Seller

  • Assistance from listing to closing
  • Comprehensive property appraisal
  • Brand and marketing strategy
  • Broad market exposure
  • Assistance in selecting attorneys
  • Implementation of innovative marketing campaigns to maximize exposure and value
  • Negotiation representation
  • Boundary surveying
  • Contract writing

For Developers

  • Site representation and feasibility studies
  • Preliminary development planning
  • Architecture, design and financing advisory service
  • Market research and analysis
  • Branding and positioning
  • On-site exclusive sales representation
  • Financial Analysis


  • Leasing and sales
  • Property management
  • Financial Analysis
  • Consulting
  • Contract writing

Financial Services

  • Market Intelligence/ Overview
  • Customer Representation
  • Project Feasibility study
  • Project profitability analysis
  • Traditional Loan Representation
  • Representation to non-intuitional, non-traditional lenders
  • Investor search
  • Fiscal and Tax implication Analysis
  • Tax, Property tax and dues payment
  • Financing outsourcing
  • Insurance

Contact your HRS Financial Services representative.

Contact HRS for additional inquiry about our various services:
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