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We are Best of Haiti Real Estate S.A. & LLC. We are Haiti’s most trusted real estate agency.  We are bringing Haiti out of the shadows!

Our mission is to help individuals and businesses around the world who are interested in renting, buying, selling properties and land in Haiti. We also manage properties for individuals and businesses. As your agent, we do all ground work in order to help our clients navigate Haiti’s complex real estate system. 

We have a highly trained and experienced team of associates, agents, lawyers, notaries, surveyors and valuators ready to help our clients close as fast and professionally as possible. We only work with professionals who know Haiti’s real estates inside and out.  

Address 179 Rue Faubert #3 Petion-ville, Haiti, HT4410
Phone 1-404-300-3584,+509-4887-7128,+509-4208-5894