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These are some of our products

Cement General Purpose Presentation: The volume of the bag 42.5 kg STANDARD ASTM C 1157 GU


Production of concrete foundations, walls, stuffing and all kinds of works in general
Preparation of mortar for masonry, ceramic paste, veneers, finishes, coatings and grouts
Repairs, renovations, small works and various domestic applications


Develops the required resistance to both early and late ages, has moderate heat of hydration which reduces the risk of cracks in structures.
Additions incorporated to give concrete and mortar greater stability in the volume.
Provides controlled setting times to facilitate handling and positioning of mixtures works without affecting the time of release and development of resistance

Gray Cement for General Use


It is a heterogeneous mass composed of aggregates (rocks of specific sizes), cement, water, air and sometimes additives.

When concrete is fresh can be given any shape and ones it gets the hardening, it has the characteristics to be durable over time and to resist mechanical stress and compression.

The specific types of concrete you'll find below are conventional (normal, pumpable, plastic and fluid).


Concrete that allow good handling, easy installation and certified quality.

Pumping, fluid and normal concrete are the conventional you'll find below.

Normal: A mixture of cement, sand, aggregate, water and additive, as fresh offers good handling time and excellent cohesiveness (ability to paste or attach) when it is set, features that make it ideal for construction.

It is used in structural elements such as shallow foundations, beams and columns of conventional structures, plates between floors, curbs and sidewalks.

This concrete is designed, dosing and mixing in plant and is transported under conditions that maintain product quality (keep cool) to get specifications of a particular certificate.

Pumping. It is concrete that provides excellent handling and is especially cohesive, allowing placement through concrete pump (special machinery for this purpose).

This type is used in concrete structures projects with difficult access and limited space, with considerable horizontal and vertical distances, or any kind of structural elements that require speed and efficiency to be melted, taking into account access requirements and large volume.

Fluid. Concrete that makes easier the placement and reduces the needs of vibration (to extend the product) giving excellent compaction and finishing.

This concrete dosed and mixed in the plant is designed to flow with minimal effort into forms (molds) that pose difficulties for the amount of steel included or because the space where it will drain the product is very small. It is also used for slender elements or inaccessible sites landfills in masonry (brick or block union). It is also ideal to be emptied with a pump in high-rise sites.

The facility to handle the product is due to a proper combination of cement, chemical additives and particle size control (grain size) gravel (rock) and sand, obtaining a fluid mixing, firm.


Normal Concrete
Pumping Concrete
Fluid Concrete




Product transport

Aware of the importance of maintaining a continuous supply of product for the correct development of the projects, and being Haiti a mountainous country with road infrastructure in development CINA has a chartered fleet with more than 30 trucks (in various capacities ) available to deliver Bagged Cement throughout the entire road network . For the places where the road network is not yet in adequate conditions, we have a port facility and vessels to efficiently deliver product to these destinations.

To deliver bulk cement we have our own bulk tankers with 35MT average capacity and a mixed fleet of truck heads in order to deliver product quickly, safely and reliably to any project that require.

Technical Assistance

We count on a know-how network of specialized engineers and international architects to provide support and assessment during the development and implementation of our product in our client’s location.

Equipment for cement storage on site

We are interested in supporting our clients in an efficient manner, for that, we have at our disposal available storage equipment which includes metal containers, metal silos, and our floating silo.

Concrete mix on site (Ready Mix)

We count on modern equipment that provides on-site concrete mix which ensures adequate preparation and delivery of product in optimum conditions.

Distribution Centers

Based on the importance of having the product on time and with the required quality, CINA has, in addition to the Plant, distribution Centers to deliver product to consumers who prefer to travel short distances instead of going to the plant.

Our centers have a qualified and willing staff to serve your requirements in both the distribution center and building site.

We count on a Warehouse Deposit on the National Highway # 1 near to the Port au Prince airport in order to serve Haiti's capital, and a Warehouse Deposit on the same route on Alto Cabo Haitiano, to serve the entire northern zone, where the second important city in the country is located, cabo Haitiano.

Ask now our sales advisor for all these services.



Creation of the company Cement Haiti SAM by Lambert brothers under the chairmanship of Paul Manglorie. Initially installed capacity was 100,000 TPA.


Fittings are made to expand capacity to 300,000 TPA.


In February it closed the operation of the company.


September 26 announcing the Modernization Act of Public Enterprises.


Issued tenders for the modernization La Cementera S.A.

Awarded the procurement contract. The reborn Haitian Cement for this country.


Negotiations take place with the consortium CMEP.


Agreement is signed to modernize the plant between the Haitian State and the bidder consortium formed by Holcim and Argos. The Cement of Haitians re-emerged

It begins a new stage in the company, work began to rehabilitate the plant in Fond Mombin.


Constitution of the National Cement Company, SEM, CINA.

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce authorized the operation to the company. CINA is a reality.

The first boat arrives to perform preliminary tests clinker cement production, the Haitians again soon to have a cement produced by them.

Production takes place the first bag of cement under the brand CINA

Comes the first ship loaded with 12.144 2872 TNs Clinker and Gypsum for the mass production of this valuable raw material


CINA plant Officially opened.

Implementation of the local mill for cement production


Purchase of the participation of several retail chains leading the company to increase the participation of their direct sales to 60% supplying the market in a timely and efficient way


President Jean Bertrand Aristide resigns and the supreme court declared as interim president Boniface Alexandre. The order situation is worsening in the country, CINA guard down and not continue to supply the country Cement.

A contingent of 6,700 soldiers arrived in Haiti to try to stabilize the country (MINUSTAH), violence shook the countrys streets.


Adjustments and improvements are made to increase capacity to 500,000 TPA., CINA believes in his country.


Increased crushing capacity to 600,000 TPA by installing a furnace, a mill and a high efficiency separator.

Cementos Argos (4th cement Latin America), acquires Holcim stake in the consortium CINA and becomes a strategic partner who believes in this country. It gives new impetus to this great company.


A strong earthquake measuring 7.3 degrees destroys Haiti, the plant is some details for its normal operation soon to be solved and restore operations. CINA Employees who lose family and homes are served by the company to quickly restore their lives and continue to contribute in building the country.

Given the projected demand for cement in the country fits the plan bagging to continue supplying the market with a fresh cement of the highest quality.


It is launched a new product, Concrete, an excellent choice for builders and contractors, seeking to facilitate and expedite the construction works.


Here you will find a technical documentation that has been specially selected to convey basic knowledge related to the preparation and use of our products so that the final result will be as expected.

We hope this material be helpful for you.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.


Concrete Drying
Design of Concrete Mix
Storage of bulk cement




CINA FOUNDATION was founded in 2009 as a proposal from the National Cement-CINA Haiti, to promote sustainable development in communities in its area of ​​influence and the country in general.

CINA is located in the Town of Source Matelas, the ninth communal section of Cabaret, Haiti. Source Matelas has about 12,000 inhabitants, of whom about 8,000 live in the following rooms or areas: Tijardin, Darbon, Simonette, Grand Chemin, Saint Gerard and Dervil, which constitute the zone of influence of the CINA Foundation.

CINA FOUNDATION promotes the work of three feet, state, community and business. To support communities in their area of influence in the actions they take to improve their quality of life, the Foundation has designed a program CINA work in 6 lines of action:

  1. Education
  2. Health.
  3. Community infrastructure
  4. Enviroment.
  5. Income Generation
  6. Community Building


Address Route Nationale #1, km 24, Fonds Mombin, Cabaret
Phone 509 2942-2462,509 2918-4992,509 2918-5071