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With more than 30 years in the industry, Ingeniería ESTRELLA stands out as an international company that constructs major road infrastructure projects and buildings with quality guarantees and certified by international standards.

Together with the other companies in the group it presents a comprehensive offer of construction services that also includes land moving, design and fabrication of steel structures, concrete, asphalt and cement.

Certified and equipped quality

Our offer of services is in keeping with international quality standards and regulations thanks to the ISO 9001 certification that commits us to granting a first-rate finish in our projects, to being punctual in delivery and to maintaining efficient communications with our clients.

For the execution of the works we have a fleet of over one thousand units of excavation work and engineering equipment, three asphalt plants, and camps in Haiti for the execution of the projects contracted.

Our itinerary

As a road-building contractor, Ingeniería ESTRELLA has executed the construction and paving of the main roads, bridges and streets in the Dominican Republic’s northern region, as well as its partnership with Odebrecht for the Corredor Duarte, the largest-scale road solution developed in Santo Domingo in recent years.

In the area of building construction we have experience in large-scale multi-story building for public and private offices, educational, commercial and industrial institutions, including the turnkey approach as in the case of the Universidad Autónoma Santo Domingo (UASD) Administrative Buildings and High Technology Laboratories.

Our presence in Haiti is backed by the works in the Caracol Industrial Park, the reconstruction of the Route Les Cayes - Jeremie in the south of the country and the Lascahobas - Belladere road on the border with the Dominican Republic, projects sponsored by the international community for Haiti’s reconstruction.


Ingeniería ESTRELLA Branch Locations
Santiago Autopista Duarte Km 13 (809) 247-3434
Distrito Nacional Max Henríquez Ureña No. 33 (809) 541-8000  
Santo Domingo Oeste Autopista 6 de Noviembre km 16 (809) 957-4844
San Francisco de Macorís Ave. Antonio Guzmán km 1 (809) 244-3434  
Bávaro, Punta Cana Carretera Arena Gorda Riu (809) 552-6161  
Villa Vásquez, Monte Cristi Carretera Duarte, Botoncillo    
Villa González, Santiago Aut. Dr. Joaquín Balaguer    



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Address Autopista Duarte Km 13, Santiago, Dominican Republic
Phone 809 541-8000,809 247-3434 ,