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Cemento PANAM Maximum-Resistance Portland cement is produced in a factory that meets high quality standards, equipped with sophisticated and highly efficient machinery and innovative emission control systems in keeping with a responsible and clean production philosophy.

It is a special type of cement for producing structural concrete, used for columns, beams, slabs, walls and foundations in all types of buildings and projects, as well as concrete for pavement and industrial flooring.

With a milling capacity of 650,000 tons per year, the factory operates under the “green plant” philosophy. Its modern dust collectors ensure that the material emissions are below 30 milligrams per normal cubic meter, which is the equivalent of Swiss environmental standards and a fifth of the minimum standard established by the Dominican Republic’s environmental regulations, which is 150 milligrams per cubic meter.

The Cemento PANAM plant has the capacity to dispatch 120 tons unpackaged and 2,600 42.5 kg bags per hour.

The Maximum Resistance of PANAM’s Portland Cement is accompanied by the guidelines of experienced international and national master cement makers. Due to its design and its advanced technology features, the Cemento PANAM plant is considered the most modern and up-to-date cement factory in the Dominican Republic.


Planta de Producción

Distrito Municipal Villa Gautier, San José de los Llanos, San Pedro de Macorís

Oficinas Comerciales

Santo Domingo

Max Henríquez Ureña No. 33
Tel: 809-541-8000


Autopista Duarte Km. 13
Tel: 809-247-3434

Address Autopista Duarte Km 13, Santiago, Dominican Republic
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