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Lafiteau Industrial

Lafiteau Industrial represents an exciting GB Group investment to revive Haiti’s industrial capacity and to position key manufacturing sectors in a safe and efficient environment.

The close to one million square meters of ocean front property will be developed in phases.

Our vision is to contribute to the much-needed decentralization from Port-au-Prince by creating a solid development pole in addition to those being developed in other regions of Haiti, such as Caracol in the North.

Lafiteau is located about 9 miles north of Port-au-Prince and 50 miles away from Haiti’s most important agricultural valley, the Artibonite.

We are accessible by several roads within one mile of our location, leading to and from the northern, central and southern region of Haiti.

By December 2012, we will also be accessible by sea with direct access to a bulk marine terminal for both local and international traffic.

This will enable Lafiteau Industrial to offer manufacturing and trading companies one of the most comprehensive and flexible logistical solutions in Haiti.

Through this vehicle, the GB Group looks to partner with the right local and international companies that share our long-term development plans and that look to establish their operations within a secure and one of kind setting.

Our investment in Lafiteau Industrial is an additional mark of the GB Group’s continued trust in Haiti’s future economical prospects and particularly today, based on the road map set by its leadership.

Lafiteau Industrial is yet another opportunity in which the GB Group will lead by example.

Address Route Nationale #1, Cabaret, Ouest
Phone 509 2814-0000,509 2814-0002,1(305) 792-4650