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"That magic leaf for that magic moment"


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Whole & Organic Tobacco Leaf

Buy Magic Leaf Tobacco leaf. We are your number one source for whole tobacco leaves locally packaged in Haiti. Offering tobacco leaf bundles in boxes units of 10 per box for your smoking pleasure. 

Magic Leaf is in business to bring you the finest tobacco products on the market. Our philosophy is to sell only natural, whole leaf tobacco products that are never altered, enhanced, or changed in any way. These tobacco leaves are grown, harvested with care for your smoking pleasure.

Magic Leaf brings the most exceptional real tobacco leaves to today's demanding tobacco consumers. You get the highest quality, unadulterated real tobacco at the most competitive prices.


Our Distribution Points

Find our retailers and distribution points. Individual orders are readily available, however you can request a large or bulk order at a discounted rate for personal use or redistribution.

Caribbean Supermarket Giant Supermarket Big Star Market TAG Supermarket

Address Clercine, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
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