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ARCOD is a company that offers services in architecture, construction and interior design for homes and buildings of any kind.

We are a creative team of young professionals with innovative approaches and experience in architecture and engineering determined to change the image of architecture by providing more value for customers with a goal of building design.

ARCOD also provides access to products to complement your project trough out our afiliate companies and our consulting services, including interior design, furniture, landscape, and office accessories.

Intervene for those who want guidance and advice in developing a design concept to full implementation of the same.

We offer several types of interactive digital media for the client. As the rendering of your project, an animation, through this technology, the client does not need to know anything about architecture or graphics terminology
(Plans, sections, elevations and construction documents) to have a clear understanding of what the final result.


Our mission is to consolidate as an integral architectural, construction and interior design company, nationally and internationally.

Offering a full service in Architecture, Design and Construction, established solid relationships with our loyal customers and providing design solutions based on client's taste, budget, use and goals for the space in question.

Focus on fostering relationships with key people in the community, company, to offer the best prices with the best quality in the market to develop your project and satisfy their desires.


The search for human architecture, contemporary, friendly place and time in which it is located.

Providing the highest quality of experience in Architectural Design, construction and Interior design.

Providing a service that is technologically superior to the competition.

Sell products specially selected for our customers to better meet your needs for your home, your office or for commercial or residential building.

We always keep in touch with our customer base through communication skills and personalized web page.

The use of a diverse staff of architects, engineers to provide a wide variety of product styles.



ARCOD produces an architecture that reflects our understanding of how people and organizations should use and experience place and space.
We work with customers, communities and end users to create buildings and projects that work well on all levels, inside and out. The delivered through our global markets with a consistently high level of service.

4 Steps Services:

1) Consulting
2) Architectural Design
Concept, measured drawings if a renewal. Concept revisions, detailed design and independent estimate..
3) Architectural Document
Creating application drawings. Detailed drawings and construction specifications.
4) Project Manager

This process allows the customer to adjust the pitch, or how little assistance you require, depending on your level of experience and budget. You have the option to join us for a single service or multiple services depending on your needs, allowing you to still achieve the benefits of our holistic approach to construction projects.

4 Steps

Architectural Design + Budget
Architectural Document

Master Planning
Project Design
Autocad and VectorWorks programs

ARCOD facilitates the execution of your project through its high capacity for management and organization developed by our team of professionals.

Seek services of sheet rock installation, lighting, plumbing, windows and doors of buildings with the best market prices.

Sheetrock Walls
Sheetrock Ceiling
Wood Works
Glass Doors and Separations
Foam Construction

ARCOD oversees your project from small to large scale construction process in order to allow the development of a more stable project that seeks satisfaction and quality of beauty for its completion and organization.

to satisfy a better finishing quality.


We supply all kinds of materials for the construction and decoration. Seeking a better choice of materials through our resources appropriate to your type of project.

Furniture Lighting
Wood Floor
Wall Finishing


IMAGE RENDER / 3D Animation

For a better understanding of your project develops three-dimensional images Display the final outcome of your project.

The animation through our technology allows us to know the project in three dimensions. Where a circulation develops in the project.

ARCOD offers landscape design, a garden or green space that will allow beautify your home or business.


Interior Design

Design of interior spaces to live and work. Interior performance can be measured in human and organizational terms: higher productivity, greater creativity and innovation, increased sponsorship or sales.

Hitting the mark signifies not only for the design of visual impact, but also for the health, comfort, flexibility and ease of use. Our designers work collaboratively and strategically to deliver innovation, quality and sustainable yield.

Latin America

French, English, Spanish speaking.

Having a team of diverse nationalities ARCOD offers architectural services abroad. To accommodate international clients level of rates of plans.
We have a variety of professionals able to provide services in French, English, and Spanish in national and international level.

ARCOD offers advice and development of your project of any kind.


Address 11, rue Oge (Platinum Plaza), Petion-Ville
Phone 509 3139-3012,1 (809) 903-3182,