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Arcotec Haiti S.A. is a major Haitian builder that executes building and construction related projects for businesses, organizations, government agencies, other builders and residential customers. We construct complex projects exceptionally well within Haiti’s unforgiving landscape, which is prone to natural disasters.

Our services include:

  • Pre-construction / constructability planning
  • Site prep / earthworks
  • Construction
  • Building renovations
  • Demolition
  • Logistics and transportation

Over the decades, we have learned from collaborative partnerships with experienced international builders and are proud of our expertise in constructing attractive, stable buildings, and other types of civil works projects that owners and users can trust.

Arcotec Advantage

Arcotec does one thing— execute construction projects anywhere within Haiti—and we do it well, tackling challenging projects with ingenuity and the help of a strong network of trade workers and administrative colleagues within Haiti and the United States.

Construction Quality and Safety

Every building constructed by Arcotec withstood the 7.3 magnitude earthquake of January 2010, protecting the lives of their occupants. The sturdiness of our construction draws on our years of experience building in Haiti’s environment. 

We observe strict anti-seismic (earthquake resistance) and other natural disaster resistance construction codes—International Building Code (IBC) and California Building Code post-earthquake—that make our buildings resistant to earthquakes. We also adopted the Florida Building Code for resistance to hurricanes. 
Arcotec has implemented and continues to improve a quality assurance system that is not typical in Haiti: for example, we regularly test our aggregates and construction materials to ensure they will have maximum strength. When working on particularly complex projects, we contract with third-party firms for construction audits.

A Diverse Team

A Diverse Team Based in the U.S. and Haiti

Arcotec’s professional team is unique in Haitian construction because our administrators and partners are knowledgeable about the Haitian environment and recognized international building practices. With training from Arcotec, our Haitian professionals are just as capable as foreign experts, but their lifelong knowledge of Haiti gives them additional ingenuity for handling complex projects within our unique environment. Many of our senior employees were born in Haiti, studied at universities in the United States, and returned to Haiti or work from the U.S.

Though Arcotec attempts to hire locally as much as possible, we also benefit tremendously from relationships with partner firms in the United States: with experience building in Florida, where climate and the geographical environment are similar to Haiti’s, they are key to our success.

A Mighty Fleet of Equipment

A Mightly Fleet of Heavy Construction Equipment Ready for Deployment

Owning lots of heavy construction equipment that’s available on the ground in Haiti means Arcotec saves our clients the financial and bureaucratic expense of shipping machinery to Haiti. Regardless of project location on the island, we can mobilize and demobilize quickly, avoiding the complex shipping and customs process. 

Our Company

Arcotec S.A. is a major Haitian construction firm that implements building, civil works projects and construction related services for government and private sector clients. Constructability is at the center of Arcotec’s approach to implementing ambitious projects for our clients within Haiti’s challenging environment.

Our skilled personnel, heavy equipment, and decades of know-how are the key to offering our clients the combination of international industry standards and personal, responsive attention. Arcotec never stops building on our decades of experience: improving our techniques and adapting to Haiti’s difficult and endlessly changing conditions only helps us expand our expertise in constructability.

Vision and Mission

As a major builder of exceptionally complex projects, we aim to be the most trusted, most capable, and most reliable construction company in Haiti.

To us, that means:
  • Using construction practices that ensure the safety of our workers and our buildings’ occupants;
  • Always being a trusted partner to our customers, businesses, organizations, government agencies, and other builders, as we implement construction projects, and;
  • Providing our employees, subcontractors, and vendors with an environment that encourages growth, encourages continuous improvement, and rewards team performance.

Core Values

Arcotec’s success depends on much more than just our employees’ skills and our equipment’s horsepower: we recognize our ethical responsibilities to our customers, our country, our employees, and our environment. At Arcotec, honesty, candidness, and integrity underlie everything we do.

Visitors to Haiti are often surprised at the many obstacles our environment presents. With many resources unavailable, Arcotec constantly uses our ingenuity to create—and complete—even the most complex projects. We value our workers’ ability to adapt to unexpected situations.

At Arcotec, we are problem solvers, constantly seeking innovative ways to execute our projects. We document all our work, obsessively reviewing project milestones to identify and fix weaknesses so we’re uniquely prepared to overcome shortcomings, red tape, and logistical complications.

Our Commitment

Taking Care of Our Worker Community
Arcotec makes extraordinary efforts to keep employees working so they can support their families: we strive to ensure that all our projects have a positive impact on Haiti’s economy.

Arcotec offers on-site health care and subsidized meals to site workers, and our emphasis on safety aims to prevent injuries. Mini-communities spring up around our building sites because we allow vendors to set up shop and sell goods, extending economic opportunity to another circle of the population.

Growing Local Resources and Human Capital
Arcotec places tremendous importance on offering on-the-job training that helps our professional workers and laborers develop into capable engineers and trade workers. We’re proud to help them build the skills they use to build for our clients. Knowing the challenges of the Haitian environment, including an overall lack of school-based education, means Arcotec’s professional staff can do its best to grow our people into better professionals who can contribute to their communities.

Preserving and Helping to Heal Haiti
To help prevent further deforestation in Haiti’s fragile environment, we built around every tree on the site of the Oasis hotel, not cutting any. Arcotec salvages construction materials, reusing or recycling whenever possible. We could, for example, use crushed concrete instead of crushed rock if it’s practical. We built a retention pond to help prevent erosion.

Company History

Arcotec’s roots reach back to the early 1970s when Gerard Figaro, a Haitian businessman and mechanical engineer, became involved in real estate and electrical infrastructure development. Gerard retired in 1986 and the company was dormant until the family’s long-time interest in building and construction was revived in the mid-1990s.

At that time, Gerard’s son Patrick, who returned to Haiti with a degree in civil engineering and a specialty in architecture, renamed the company Arcotec S.A.—Architecture Construction Technique S.A.—and grew the firm into a preferred vendor for international companies doing business in Haiti. To take advantage of growth potential, Arcotec acquired a fleet of heavy equipment and partnered with companies that complemented Arcotec’s skills.

Though Arcotec initially worked on projects that were designed internally and built by other companies, as its fleet grew, the firm shifted its focus from architecture to construction. Thanks to education and family tradition, Arcotec is a builder with a deep understanding of architecture that gives us unique know-how for constructing complex buildings in Haiti’s unique environment.

Equipment Assets

Arcotec owns a highly diverse fleet of heavy equipment and vehicles that we use for our own projects and lease, with operators, to clients. Our experienced operators and maintenance technicians keep our equipment running in good working order. Arcotec’s fleet includes:


2 Dozers, Caterpillar D8N
1 Dozer, Caterpillar D8R
2 Loaders, Caterpillar 966D with capacity of four cubic meters
2 Backhoe Loader, Caterpillar 446
1 Backhoe Loader, Caterpillar 430D
1 Excavator, Caterpillar 330L
1 Excavator, Caterpillar 330DL
1 Excavator, Caterpillar 330CL with H 270 Cat Hydraulic Hammer
2 Motor Grader, Caterpillar 140G & 140 H
1 Mobile Truck Crane, Grove (90 ton)
1 Truck & Trailer, Mack CH613
1 Low-boy (80 tons)
2 Tandem Dump Truck, Mack DM800, 17 cubic meters
Tandem Dump Truck, Mack DM890, 17.75 cubic meters
Tandem Dump Truck, Mack Econodyne Mack, 14 cubic meters
2 Tandem Dump Truck, Mack, 6 cubic meters
1 Tandem Dump Truck, Hyundai
1 Double Cabin Pick-Up Truck, Mazda
1 Pick-Up Truck, Kia
1 Water Truck, Econodyne Mack, 3,000 gallons
1 Water Truck, GMC, 3,000 gallons
4 Mobile Concrete Mixers
2 Concrete Vibrators

2 Screeds


Arcotec offers a broad range of building services backed by many years in the business, a skilled international team, and a fleet of heavy equipment. We’re especially experienced in constructing schools, hospitals, private and public residences, commercial buildings, and infrastructure projects such as roads. Our portfolio of commercial building projects includes structures for hospitality, retail, residential, and other uses.

We use our knowledge of the cultural and logistical specifics of building in Haiti to develop constructable implementation plans. Arcotec builds exceptionally complex projects exceptionally well in an unforgiving environment. Arcotec works with building owners under several types of arrangements:


  • Lump sum contract
  • Unit price
  • Construction management
  • Design-build
  • Joint venture
  • Subprime


Local knowledge is a crucial aspect of planning any construction project, making Arcotec a key partner for anyone contemplating building in Haiti. Arcotec’s years of experience on varied projects enable us to offer informed, individualized help to all our clients with tasks such as developing architectural plans, realistic timelines, procurement strategies, and budgets.


Project Management
Critical Path Modeling
Financial Modeling
Workforce planning
Architectural services
Conceptual designs

Business intelligence

Site Prep

Arcotec maintains a fleet of heavy equipment that is always ready to prepare sites for roads, parking lots, buildings, and other structures. We’re experts with grading and gravel, whether clients need help surfacing a small road or backfilling a large site as part of building construction. Arcotec offers site preparation services that include:

  • Grading
  • Surfacing and Resurfacing
  • Backfilling
  • Compacting


Arcotec offers several types of construction services to fit our clients’ budgets, schedules, and priorities. We can help clients select the best way to collaborate, determining the right balance of decision-making involvement and risk to fit each organization’s requirements, capabilities, and culture.

Building Renovation

Arcotec’s building renovation services aim to preserve and strengthen existing residential and commercial structures, including retrofitting them to meet modern standards. Arcotec can do repair work on structures damaged by natural disasters, and we take pride in finding ways to modernize while preserving our country’s treasure trove of architecture, which dates back to the 1600s.

  • Renovation and remodeling
  • Repurposing existing structures
  • Retrofitting old structures to new standards
  • Additions to existing structures


Arcotec’s demolition services draw on our building experience, extensive equipment fleet, and local knowledge. We can take down buildings and clear sites for further construction or simply excavate damaged structures, salvaging items and making use of debris as fill whenever possible. Our demolition solutions aim for safety, efficiency, and practicality.

  • Demolition of existing structures
  • Processing and salvaging of debris

Logistics and Transportation

Arcotec offers customers a full range of on-the-ground services that ease many of the logistical and transportation difficulties of working in Haiti. Arcotec’s large 90-ton crane and trucks are ready to move heavy cargo from port to building site within Haiti, and we are experienced at setting up staging areas for temporary living quarters near construction sites. We can even help clients by contracting with local security and food service companies. Arcotec is ready to assist with:

  • Port-to-site transportation
  • Temporary living quarters
  • Camp and shelter building
  • Potable water
  • Contracting with local security and cooking services
  • Equipment Rental

Our Work

With almost 20 years of experience in Haitian construction, Arcotec has built a strong portfolio of projects that show our ability to build durable, functional, and attractive buildings that reflect their owners’ demanding requirements. Arcotec also has a long history of success with smaller-scale work, such as performing demolition, site preparation, and building fences and roads.

Arcotec S.A. is serving as General Contractor for this 90,000-square-foot commercial office building in Delmas to house the extended headquarters of Sogebank S.A., the largest bank in Haiti.
With merely 500 hotel rooms currently operating in the city, Oasis Hotel in Petion-Ville will add about 100 luxurious rooms, meeting, function rooms, a restaurant, a patio and other amenities. 

Arcotec offered extensive site work, construction and logistics for the new U.S. embassy located in Tabarre, Haiti.
Arcotec performed the civil works and build the administration, clinic, restrooms and six classrooms for this hurricane-proof, anti-seismic, sustainable school is located in Saint Marc, Haiti.

Health Care
Arcotec conducted expansion and renovation of three hospitals in Mirebalais, Grand-Goave and Trou-du-Nord, Haiti. One is scheduled to reopen as a teaching hospital.
Arcotec worked on renovation and rehabilitation work for Cimenterie Nationale (CINA) located in Fond-Mombin, Haiti.

Our Partners

An International Effort: Constructing buildings in Haiti benefits communities and economies in Haiti and the United States. With shortages of building materials and construction expertise in Haiti, Arcotec has set up partnerships with international designers and builders who help us improve our practices with changing technologies and techniques.

  •             Architects and Designers C3TS
  •             Construction Managers JCON Group
  •             Geotechnical
  •             Our Subcontractors
  •             Resource Managers StrongRM, Inc.


Arcotec routinely works with two partners that complement and expand our expertise so we can offer a seamlessly integrated array of services to our clients: 

Designers and Architects

Corzo Castella Carballo Thompson Salman, also known as C3TS, is an engineering and architecture firm based in Florida. C3TS’s capabilities in such areas as construction engineering inspections, including unusual structures, are important elements of our work in Haiti. C3TS works in architecture, plus civil, roadway, structural, traffic, and transportation engineering, and has substantial experience working with concrete, including bridges. The firm also has experience in urban design and planning. 

Project Management

Arcotec Management Services’ (AMS) primary business is to support the operations of Arcotec Haiti, S.A., a commercial / industrial building contractor in Haiti. AMS provides Arcotec, S.A. direct support in the areas of:

  • hiring and retaining qualified personnel;
  • buying, selling and leasing construction equipment;
  • buying building supplies and services;
  • marketing the brand, products and services of Arcotec, S.A. and;
  • foster relationships and manage Arcotec, S.A. investors (Investor Relations).

Contact Us

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U.S. Office
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