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Sitwayen Construction is a social enterprise construction management company in Haiti focused on building integrity.

We construct projects that add prosperity to Haiti’s economy as well as develop the capacity of the construction companies and labor force we work with.


​Our vision is to see prosperity in the Haitian economy and a successful construction economy. We aim to help get the industries of Haiti working toward greater prosperity and see the construction industry develop buildings of integrity.

We believe that the only way to see true, long-term, success in the construction economy of Haiti is through the free-market. We need the industries of Haiti working efficiently and productively. Buildings cannot build more buildings, but businesses can. We are tackling four main problems in the building economy: safety of construction, efficiency of construction, access to infrastructure (power, water, and sewage), and financing.

Social Enterprise:

Sitwayen Construction is a social enterprise. We put 50% of profits towards the development of the company in expanding our mission, and 50% towards our partner housing foundation; LEVE Housing.




Expertise. Execution. Haiti Development.

SITWAYEN Construction is a social enterprise, built on sound business principles. We are most immediately a construction management and development company, but intricately so much more. We are working towards the development of a long-term successful construction economy in Haiti and the prosperity of the nation.


One of our core foundations is our expertise. Our international network has built successfully all over the world with the highest construction quality for years. Construction integrity is our number one priority.

Our team is made up of some of the highest trained and most respected people and companies in the world.


Timely and efficient execution is another of SITWAYEN Construction's core foundations.

We have been building successfully on the ground in Haiti for years, and know what it takes to get a job done.

Our team has executed over 5 million worth of projects on the ground in Haiti in the last six years.

Haiti Development

Our final core foundation is our commitment to the development of Haiti. We take very seriously our commitment to building a more prosperous nation and have an active role in doing so.

50% of our profit goes into our subsidized housing program, and the other 50% goes towards the development of the company for the betterment of the country.

Address 30, Impasse Jose De Saint-Martin (P.O. Box 126) Rue Panamericaine, Petion-Ville
Phone 509 3412-2222,509 4455-4549,+1 (305) 209-4555