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GenCorp S.A., a Light Gauge Steel (LGS) and Cellular Concrete (CLC) production company. A Haitian construction company utilizing modern advances in technology to extrude steel profiles cut to length resulting in structural LGS frames that are cost effective and make for rapid execution of works. Our cellular concrete is then used to cast-in walls with light weight concrete that is faster curing and reduced cost compared to regular concrete. Our construction method is earthquake and hurricane proof, quick, and cost efficient. Our company offers architectural designs, contractor, and project management services for turn-key solutions.

GenCorp S.A. started its operations in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake of 2010. The consideration of lighter and stronger construction components have now become the main focus of engineering new construction to withstand these natural phenomenons which affect the region such as earthquakes and hurricanes. GenCorp's modernized building techniques and methodology bring about the solutions to the challenges in a deprived housing market while being economical. Gencorp's rebuilding of our nation in a safe and responsible manner for our employees, clients, partners, and environment. GenCorp builds back better communities for the future of Haiti.



To take the complexity and ri sk out of

construction building projects creating

long-term value for our customers with

innovative solutions that exceed their

expectations for quality and



GenCorp will provide the best

construction practices and products for

customers while keeping material cost

low and integrity to its highest

standards. Every aspect of social

impact begins with the work ethic of

the company.


1-Become the #1 builder/developer in

Haiti, specially affordable housing.

2-Build communities with better living

standards across the country.

3-Drive for continuous improvements

in the construction sector of Haiti


Executive Staff

The management team has a half-century of combined experience in the field of

manufacturing, distribution, sales, engineering and marketing.

Sybille D. Piquion, Engineer and Site Manager

Civil engineer with more than ten (10) years of experience and many more years in

construction engineering.

John V. Boulos, Production Manager

More than twenty years in the manufacture and production of crafts and export industry

across the United States.

Charles G. Gentil, Director of Operations

Successful entrepreneur and owner of a company with a solid experience in managing sales

operations in the United States

Address Route Nationale #1, Cazeau
Phone 509 3436-2677,509 3708-9295,509 3660-4025