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Folies Gourmandes

Patisserie - Service Traiteur

Wrapnini • Pizza • Creme a la glace • Parfum tropical

Panini aux oeufs • Panini poulet • Panini jambon fromage • Panini steak & cheese • Panini vegetarien • Panini au thon • Panini cubano • Panini burger • Panini pizza • Panini griot

Sur commande: tartes, quiches, feuilletes, sushi, etc.

Sub au poulet • Sub au thon •Sub tambon/fromage


Born September 3rd 1975 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Valery’s love for the Culinary Arts started very early in her life. After finishing High School, right away Valery knew what she wanted to do with her professional life. A bright and hard working student, she right away enrolled in the school of Hospitality and Tourism in her home country. Graduating top of her class, she knew that developing her skills and gaining more knowledge for this industry would be limited in Haiti, so she decided to move to Miami, Florida to attend the Prestigious Johnson & Wales University. It was no surprise that Valery would go all the way and receive an A.S in Culinary Arts, A.S in Pastry Arts and a Bachelor’s degree in Food Service Management; however, that was not all, the proud and bright young lady graduated top of her class with an honorable mention of Magna Cum Loudy.

Her story will not end there, after graduation, she does her internship at the Noja Hilton in Pastry, then work at Miami’s Prestigious Hotel Sofitel from 1999-2004 as Pastry Chef. Chef Valery knowing that her heart was always to be back in Haiti, in 2004 she decides to head back home and accepts a job at the Grand Montanna Hotel as their head Pastry Chef.

As all bright people do in their lifetime, in 2008 Chef Valery and already accomplished Pastry Chef decide with a friend to start their own enterprise. Folie Gourmandes is born, in the happening and bustling city of Petion-Ville, the New Pastry and Catering Company opens its doors to the so demanding public of Haiti. Innovative, new, fresh ideas are coming to life in the kitchen of Chef Valery Abraham. She does nothing like her competitors, she stays true to her training and talent.

Today in 2011, Chef Valery continues to amaze her customers, with good food and great pastries.

Address Rue Faustin, Port-au-Prince
Phone 509 3416-0860,509 3728-7437,509 3728-7028