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Organic Skin Care & Herbal Apothecary handmade in Haiti.


About Us

Angel touch was created by Nathania A. Dominique: a spiritual entrepreneur and healing products creator.

Angel touch represents a way to heal people with natural properties and aromatherapy. It’s a way to treat your skin well, with an aroma that will make you or a friend smile.

Angel touch unlocks your natural beauty. We believe in the power of plants, and herbs that nourish you from the inside out. Our body scrubs, soaps, body creams, body salts, teas and oils are made from simple botanical ingredients. We source our ingredients carefully from the best sources from Haiti and around the world.

Angel touch is committed to both quality products and quality of life to improve the wellbeing of those who use them.

Made with LOVE


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Address 36, rue Chavannes, 2e étage Pizza Garden, Petion-Ville
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