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smiling, sizzling, screaming. Which are you?

American & Chinese Cuisine


Best Chicken wings with over 16 different flavors. Best Chinese American menu in the country



Make a choice - today. Then change it tomorrow. We have over a dozen signature sauces to spice up your world. All sauces made naturally fresh by Chef Johanne Laborde for Chicken Fiesta. Taste the difference.

1/2 Dz. 250 Gdes. 1 Dz. 400 Gdes.

All Flats or Drums is 50 Gdes. Extra per 12pcs. (Max 36 pcs.)


Sweet Honey BBQ

Traditional BBQ sauce:

Satisfying sweet.

Passion Habanero

Passion fruit and hot island pepper

Thai Chili

Honey Mustard

Fresh Mustard blend with



Made from scratch Japanese method use to blend a variety of delicious goodness

Hot Habanero

Red peppers you love, island spices you crave: An exotic, delicious sauce.

Asian Zing

Sweet meets heat: A

cayenne pepper, soy and

ginger sauce.

Honey Soy Garlic

A sweet garlicky Sauce

Spicy Garlic

A tasty, spicy, garlicky good sauce.

Sweet and Sour

A sweet, sassy sauce

Savor the flavor.

Curry -mild

West Indian style spice

blend to perfection


Classic wing sauce: Delicious flavor, exhilarating heat.

Soy Garlic


Keep away from eyes, pets, children: the hottest sauce we got.

Honey Soy Garlic


Chicken Fiesta cannot ensure that menu items do not include ingredients that might affect those with food sensitivities or allergies. Please speak to the owner, manager or server if you have any dietary needs.

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