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Since our opening in April 2009, we have strived to offer to our clients a different way of seeing “lunch time”. We put our effort in offering the best products on the market, while maintaining the purpose of our concept: eating healthy food, at a good price in a pleasant atmosphere with a great service!


Born and raised in Port-au-Prince HAITI, Bianka Stecher, chef and owner grew up running around her grandfather’s kitchen “Aux Cosaques”. After studying hospitality management for 4 years at the Ecole Hotelière de Lausanne in Switzerland where she had the opportunity to acquire the experience and know-how from her hands-on education and internships at La Tour d’Argent in Paris and The Ritz-Carlton in St. Thomas U.S.V.I.; she decided to come back home and work in the industry to gain some knowledge of the market.

After 8 years working in hotels as Food & Beverage Manager and Event Planner, at the National Brewery (BRANA S.A.) as Wine and Liquor Brand Manager and managing her sushi catering business (Sushi Box) on the side; she decided pursue her dream and open her own restaurant in April 2009.


With the growing concern of “Healthy Living” emerging, I wanted to create something different than the Creole cuisine offered in Pétion-Ville. I designed a concept that would offer a variety of lighter and healthier menu items at affordable prices. Back in 2002, I had introduced SUSHI in a restaurant in Haiti, Oxygène, at Hotel Montana. Seeing back then how this Japanese delight had pleased so many palates, I decided to build my menu around this item and all its benefits in a wholesome diet: fresh, healthy, visually appealing and good.

The food at LUNCH BOX is guaranteed fresh. Every salad is thoroughly washed and prepared on order with natural house made dressings. Every burger is house made, using local ingredients as organic as can be. Every sushi maki is rolled with the freshest produce using both local and imported seafood and fish. Every sandwich is made with freshly baked bread and selected ingredients. Our desserts are, well.... just to please you!


We pay attention to every little detail. Because everything is made to order, we can accommodate our clients’ needs as requested (allergies, diet restrictions, etc...). Lunch Box is available to cater any event both business and personal: business lunches, field trip lunch boxes, coffee breaks, sushi tables, parties... Contact us for menu options or packages!

Recent Digicel commercial filmed at Lunch Box Café

Address 2, Rue Darguin (Complexe L Esplanade / Enface Hexagon), Petion-Ville
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