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We serve diverse, international food from different countries across the globe--- with a Caribbean twist. 

Mon-Sat: 9am - 4pm

*Not including special evening events.

 Fresh, Gourmet Cafe

?We serve breakfast and lunch, and locally cater. We have happy hours three times a month. Since our opening back in July 2010 we have been considered the area's best  fresh, quick and healthy café by the international community. Our meals vary everyday and include a healthy alternative every day. We serve international cuisine from around the world and make it our duty to follow the strictest guidelines regarding food handling and sanitation proceedures.  Almost all our seafood, meat and produce are imported from the U.S and from selective distributors.

We are also considered by our clientele (U.S Embassy personnel, UN high level personnel, NGO personnel, some local Haitian businesses, and Hollywood celebrities) as the best service staff in town.
When you come to Le Daily you never know who you might bump into: Top Chef's Ron Duprat has visited and in fact gave his seal of approval as "quick, fresh and exotic good food", Madeline Stowe (famous Hollywood actress) said 'Le Daily has a great atmosphere and she is happy to have found this place in Haiti,' others such as Olivia Wilde, Analynne McCord, and the Rolling Stones editors said Le Daily Café is their favorite breakfast and lunch place in Haiti.?


Caroline Sada

Owner/General Manager

Address Rue Romain, (across Parc Canne Sucre next to Maison Handal) Tabarre
Phone 509 3411-5274,509 3446-1473,