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Cafe des Arts



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For more than 30 years, Café des Arts, located in the heart of Petionvile, has been a cultural landmark for generations of Haitians. Every significant Haitian musician and many international artists have performed on its stage. At present, Café des Arts is a part of the Art Hostel project. It has an off-street Wi-Fi equipped garden, a comfortable lounge, and a diverse program of musical performances that rotate weekly.


Who will you found at the Café?


Café des Arts is a networking spot for humanitarian workers, journalists, and artists. The Café is an amazing place where local and foreign works can network, generate ideas, and create lasting friendships. Our goal is to offer a friendly and welcoming space for social interaction that bridges nationalities and professional fields, and that connects people who share our commitment to Haiti. Come and take part in our community!

Working hours:

Tues - Sat

6pm – 2 am

Tel:+509 36602074 / 37423622


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Art Hostel Haiti


The Art Hostel project is a Haiti-based, international initiative designed to promote global involvement in Haiti. Our aim is to provide affordable accommodation, social networking in the fields of voluntary and humanitarian work, on-site support, and much more for foreign visitors involved in the rebuilding efforts of this beautiful country. We, ourselves foreigners, have come to know and love Haiti, but we have also experienced the logistical difficulties that many who come here must endure. By contributing to an easier entry into the country, we hope to aid the global reconstruction project here in Haiti.


The Art Hostel is located in Port-au-Prince, and it is part of the cultural complex including Galerie Monnin and Cafe des Arts.

For reservations and inquiries contact:

+509 3660 2074

+509 3742 3622

Address 19 Rue Lamarre, Petion-Ville, Port-au-Prince
Phone 509 3660-2074,509 3742-3622,