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Une Approche Haitienne a l'Hospitalite

Vue La Montagne Lodge is located in a safe neighborhood at Turin,Thomassin 32,far from urban pollution, 20 to 30 minutes from Petion-Ville and offers the privacy and comfort of the standard hotel at a guesthouse price.The place ran by healthcare professionals guarantees your stay in a healthy environnement. It features a peaceful yard with tropical fruit trees and flowers. Plenty of space inside the dining room,the bar room or in the gardens to relax and enjoy your meals.Each of the bedroom on the second floor outlooks the fields nearby and
offers a magnificient view of our beautiful mountains.




Le Vue La Montagne Guesthouse/Hotel est localise a Thomassin 32,Turin a l'ombre des verdoyantes montagnes de Belot et de L'etang du Jonc. Cest comme un oasis,ce coin tranquille en harmonie avec la nature,loin de la pollution des villes. Nos chambres dont certaines offrent de tres belles vues sur la montagne sont tres attrayantes avec des lits queen et king-size. Un parking interieur,une grande cour
boisee pouvant accomoder pres de 200 personnes vous garantissent le confort et l'intimite d'un hotel standard a un prix de guesthouse.



  • Indoor parking
  • Rooms with private bathrooms and hot water.
  • Wireless internet. Cable TV in common area.
  • Complimentary home-cooked breakfast
  • Low-price good quality dinners

Special arrangement for private groups to stay(up to 20 persons in multiple rooms) or for weddings,meetings,anniversaries...


Room price vary from $60 to $ 100 and depends on length of stay,the number of persons...

Always call for reservations: 509 3184-3155/ 509 2227-5171 / USA (617) 265-1910 / or
e-mail us at:

Address Thomassin 32, 50 Rt. de Turin, Petion-Ville
Phone 509 3184-3155,509 3430-7460,509 3324-9800