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Modern Centrally Located Hotel/Bar/Cafe With Excellent Value/Price Ratio Whose Specialty is Service with a Smile...Le Charme D'une Auberge...le Cachet d'Un Grand Hotel....a Votre Service!


General Information
18 International Standards Rooms and Suites/En-Suite TSS w Amenities/Electricity 24-7/Tel/Fan/AC/TV/Wi-Fi/Bar/Safety Lock Box/Patio Pool/Piano Bar/Roof Terrace/Billiard Room/ Conference Room...meetings, weddings, communions, special gatherings arranged to suit your style and budget...for reservations call 509-2227-9414 or/3409-0104 and ask for Presnet ..airport transportation can be arranged!







Address 29, rue Marcelin, Port-au-Prince
Phone 509 3409-0104,509 2227-9445,509 2227-9414