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Villa Nicole is a great boutique hotel in Jacmel, Haiti

Villa Nicole - Jacmel, Haiti

One of the newest hotels in Jacmel, Villa Nicole, is located on Haiti’s beautiful Kabik Beach. The family-owned boutique hotel opened in May of 2013. Jacmel is three hours from Port-au-Prince or 30 minutes from Jacmel airport. Enter Villa Nicole via the well-appointed lobby and enjoy a refreshing welcome cocktail.

The rooms are modern and comfortable, with private bathrooms, 24-hour hot water, and electricity plus accommodations are attractively appointed. Many rooms have a sliding glass door giving access to a private balcony overlooking the sea. Room sizes vary between standard double bed, queen size beds and king size. Breakfast and internet access are included in the reasonable rate. The staff is attentive and ready to be of help planning off-property activities.

Guests will enjoy the small, beautiful sand and pebble beach in the middle of a small bay that is protected by coral reefs at both ends of the bay. Or enjoy their pool and hot tub or curl up with a book in the cabana by the pool And, it is not overrun by tourists. Jacmel, is also noted for its bright, unique handicrafts and for its family-friendly carnival. A favorite day trip is to the Blue Basin. Just one of the many great places in Haiti. / November 10, 2013

Sandra Scott, Destinations Travel Examiner

Address Ti-Mouillage, Kabik, Jacmel
Phone 509 3387-4500 ,509 3389-4500 ,