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kinamLe Ritz is a modern studio and apartment-style hotel, catering and conference center, characterized by soaring arches and crossing vaults. The hallways of the Hotel are serene, cool and memorable. Strategically positioned, Le Ritz is located ten kilometers (six miles) from both the airport and the business and governmental centers of Port-au-Prince.

With eleven two-bedroom apartments, two one-bedroom apartments, four studio apartments and one master loft available, Le Ritz is a true alternative for the traveler.

All our studios and apartments are fully furnished, with cable and satellite TV, modern Telephones, kitchen fully equipped with pots, pans and silverware. We also offer in room cleaning service and laundry for our guests. All utilities such as: electricity, water, gas, and telephone are included in our monthly rates.

With the hotel’s fine cuisine and expansive catering and conference facilities – over one thousand can be seated and served diner and over three hundred can confer in the meeting facilities at one time – Le Ritz becomes the preferred choice of business travelers and work group.


Address Angles des Rues Panamericaine & Jose de San Martin, Petion-Ville
Phone 509 2943-0303,,