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Why stay in a hotel room, when you have a whole house


Our mission is to provide you with a five (5) Stars service in the Second largest city of Haiti (Cap-Haitien). Our number One priority is to make your trip to the city the most enjoyable,unforgetable and secured one. You'll be glad you came. Beside, why a hotel room, when you can have a fully loaded home.


The most confortable Guess House in the city of Cap-Haitian. We have STUDIO available for One or Two persons. Fully loaded complete house for Family. Our Guess House are equipped with : AC / SATELLITE PROGRAMMING TV / INTERNET CONNECTION / SWIMMING POOL / LOUNDRY ROOM / RECREATION AREA / BAR / BALLROOM. Services like : Transportation to/from the Airport, to the Beaches and around the city, Mobile phomes and Car Rental are also available.

Address 1A, Rue Belle-Vue, Pipo-Ville, Vaudreuil Cap-Haitien
Phone 509 3780-9555,509 3462-5555,1 (786) 376-8448