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Trinity Lodge has been rated # 1 on TripAdvisor since it started a year ago. Guests appreciate cleanliness, friendliness, great meals, low price and excellent service. Click here to see  its 45 excellent reviews with 5 stars each! 

Trinity Lodge is also a laid back and comfortable guest house/ hotel in Haiti designed for groups and individuals. We take pride in our accommodations and ensure the cleanest rooms. Located in one of the safest and cleanest areas in Port au Prince Read more…




  • Restaurant in Lodge
  • Friendly staff
  • Clean & affordable accommodations
  • Local furniture, equipment and labor
  • Buy local, build Haiti
  • Trinity Lodge supports and plays an essential role into the building a network of networks aiming at creating 100, 000 jobs in Haiti with SME mentoring, training, access to capital and advocacy

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Catching an evening breeze from the top deck is the best part of this new, secure, and clean hotel. Moderate in amenities and price. Easy access to kitchen and laundry. Daniel is really friendly and eager to help :)“- Amy King

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Groups and individuals benefit from overnight air conditioning provided for every room from 9:00 PM to 8:00 AM. Every Room has access to hot shower available 24/7. High speed Wi-Fi internet is available throughout the guest house, including the kitchen and launching areas. No slow speeds here. We also have large beds and comfortable mattresses with clean cotton sheets that provide you with a good night sleep guaranteed. Great Accommodations in Haiti for work groups and individuals who don’t want the loneliness and high price of hotels.

Our Restaurant

Our kitchen is very clean and visually open for guests to see meals being prepared. The restaurant is open every day from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM.

Guests can enjoy American style breakfast for $ 8 from 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM and Haitian style dinner for $ 9 from 5:30 to 7:30 PM. Breakfast include scrambled eggs, pancakes, French toast, orange juice and a fruit; Diner include rice and beans, goats, chickens, fried beef (tassot) with interesting Kreyòl sauce. Also a sandwich is available at anytime during the day for $ 7 with a soft drink and a box to go if necessary. Only Haitian beer (prestige) is served for $ 2; usually very cold. Wine is also available.

2 meals a day is provided per person if guests choose special package- $ 55 per day per person in Large room and $ 60 per day per person for a private room for 2 & $ 80 for private room for 1 person.

Brian Stevens from Beyond Borders- Daniel you have put together an outstanding guest house! I love it and as you know our organization uses Trinity exclusively now to host delegations. It is truly an oasis in Port-au-Prince. Clean, friendly, affordable, well located in the city – Trinity is the only place I’ll stay whenever I am in Haiti.

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Large rooms
Large rooms have bunk style beds for groups and individuals who do not mind rooming with other guests. There are two large rooms one for each gender respectively. They each have own bathrooms with hot shower and WI FI internet access with air conditioning. Guests pay special rate of $ 55 per day per person- 2 meals included: Breakfast & Dinner

Private rooms
Private rooms have two twin size beds designed for one individual each with very comfortable mattresses plus cotton sheets allowing guests to spend a great night. Wi-Fi internet, air conditioning and hot shower is also available.

2 options:

  • Private room for 2-4 people: $ 60 per day per person- 2 meals included per person: Breakfast & Dinner
  • Private room for Individuals: $ 80 per day per person- 2 meals included per person: Breakfast & Dinner

Also available is a small desk and a secured closet where guests can store valuable items.

Training / meeting room
This training room is available for up to 15 people. White board, projector and other training and meeting support items. The room can be rented for $ 50 for a full day; food must be purchased at the guest house.


Contact us to book or send a message for more information.

Visa and Master cards are accepted. The bank charges 3% extra to process the transaction

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Address #11 Rue Richard Jules, Delmas 75 ( Near college Excelsior), Port au Prince
Phone 509 4773-0741,509 4773-0742,