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Your Weekly Source

Your Weekly Source

Lakay Weekly is the newest

publication of Le Nouvelliste.

The newspaper features enlightening articles about matters that are relevant to the short or long term visitor as well as local residents. We cover a wide variety of subject matter including, but not limited to, action taken by local government, social projects, insight into culture, cultural events, entertainment, and investment opportunities.

is a free publication that is widely distributed at the airport, inside all major NGO’s (MINUSTAH, USAID-Winner…), embassies, hotels, restaurants, and certain grocery stores (Giant, Extra, Big Star…). Advertisers have the opportunity to communicate with this quality audience through our reach.

Lakay is already gaining traction with the Haitian public. With a growing number of English speakers in Haiti, one of the comments we hear most often is, “Finally, a newspaper written in English.” Many people report back to us that they enjoy our weekly forecast of the “programs” happening over the weekend in Haiti.

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Angela Galbreath

Rachele Viard

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Kristine Belizaire

Claudia B. Des Rosiers

Graphic Artist

Fritz Arios Alexandre

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