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About Amour Creole

Amour Creole covers lifestyle, culture, news, issues and events for people of Haitian and French Caribbean descent. The magazine is published quarterly, with a targeted circulation of over 250,000, and is available by subscription and at retail outlets in the United States, Canada, Haiti, France, Martinique, Guadeloupe, St.Lucia, Guyana and within regions of Africa.


A portion of magazine sales and subscriptions is donated to Sove Ayiti (Help Haiti), a non-profit organization creating jobs, health clinics, shelter and adult education throughout the country.

Our mission at Amour Creole is to highlight Haitian and French Caribbean people, programs and organizations with a proven record of achievement – and to help our readers visualize their own successful path. We are commited to nurturing cultural pride, promoting our collective voice, and improving the lives of our brothers and sisters in Haiti. Our entire staff feels very blessed to be involved with it. We hope you feel the same.

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