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"Your lifeline to Our Haiti"

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HIP: Haitian International Pulse

Shadine Ménard is a editorial and marketing professional who has worked in various editorial teams including Vibe, Vibe Vixen and iStyle Magazines. In 2008, she founded HIP: Haitian International Pulse Magazine.

HIP is a lifestyle magazine that brings together entertainment, fashion, beauty, music, social and political issues that speak to the Haitian-American community and beyond. HIP projects a positive image of Haiti and Haitians to those who care to look past the stereotypes.

The premiere issue is the only print edition to date. In 2009, articles from HIP were continuously published on until HIP Magazine re-launched as an online magazine in 2010. The webzine has two sections: In the Magazine and HIP the blog.

In the Magazine features in depth articles and editorials that stay true to the sections found in the print version of the magazine and is updated every month. HIP the blog consists of short entries that aim to entertain, inform and stimulate readers into discussion.

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