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Building Bonds. Bridging Gaps. Breaking Barriers.


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Welcome to bel ti fi inc.

The BelTiFi "Pretty Young Girl" Committee stands together to enhance the personal advancement and the professional development of young Haitian-American women in New York.  Our aim is to promote female empowerment and civic engagement in the Haitian community.  As a unit, we plan to open up the gateways to professional success and establish beneficial relationships with other young Haitian-American women and enable mentoring opportunities with prominent Haitian-American professional women.  Through using contemporary methods of interaction such as events, programs, the arts, creative workshops, and collaborations, our mission will set a new standard of the traditional Haitian women.


Our Credo

Be able to exude confidence                                

Enlighten those around you                                      

Lead those who are willing to follow               

Transform dreams into realities                            

Involve yourself in community outreach            

Fearless woman of power                                        

Instill change and promote empowerment



About BelTiFi

The BelTiFi "Pretty Young Girl" organization was founded October 12, 2009 by Jihan Antoine, 25, after the passing of her grandmother and mentor, Yolande Paret. With the an executive committee of 9 directors known as the "BelTiFi Beauties", BelTiFi has been dedicated to showcase enhance the development and impact the lives of young Haitian-American women in regards to the "Haitian" standard of beauty, academic pressures, class and society, the pressures of professional choice, unity within the Haitian community and bridging generations.  Although empowering these young women is the ultimate goal, our stride of success can only be completed with communication. BelTiFi will serve as the powerful outlet that will enable young Haitian-American women to communicate their feelings and begin their journey to success and prestige. The BelTiFi committee believes that the merging of our rich Haitian history and being American born are the key ingredients to establishing success in all facets of life.  

Our Mission

  • To open up the gateways to professional success and leadership development.
  • To provide mentoring to young Haitian-American women and establish a sisterhood.
  • To gain insight through networking and experiences of current Haitian-American female leaders.
  • To instill a strong education on the issues and provide the effective solutions.
  • To use creative methods of expression and activities to showcase the accomplishments of young Haitian-American women.
  • To set a new standard of the traditional "Haitian woman”.

Our Goals & Objectives

In March 2010, BelTiFi launched the "Secret Garden" Ladies Luncheon which showcased power by numbers and created a closeness between women of the Haitian community. This bi-annual event featured a panel discussion with some of the top Haitian-American female professionals of today in education, politics, engineering, entertainment, medicine, law, and more. Through creating an open and honest dialogue about the issues that impact the lives of Haitian women, one solution was established, the need to create an active change.  Our objective as an organization are to host quarterly interactive workshops and numerous events.
2010- The Secret Garden: Unlocking the truths of a BelTiFi 
2011- Haitian Renaissance: Paying Homage to Haitian women of the Past, Present, and Future
2012- Flights of Fancy: Soaring to greatness and the highest plateau

Our workshop topics include but are not limited to:

  • Financial stability
  • Personal Advancement
  • Employment
  • Health Education
  • Sexual Education
  • Relationships
  • Self-defense
  • Societal Pressures
  • Academic Pressures
  • Professional Development
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