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The Haitian Times is an award-winning community news outlet, with focused coverage and analysis on Haiti, and the Haitian Diaspora, in the New York City metro area. Founded in 1999 by former New York Times reporter Garry Pierre-Pierre, the weekly printed newspaper gained prominence for cutting edge content.  In 2012, The Haitian Times transitioned to an online news magazine under the direction of Editor in Chief, Manolia Charlotin, with a renewed vision to provide comprehensive coverage of Haitians living abroad in order to raise the profile and voices of the community.

The views and opinions expressed in articles and columns published at Haitian Times are the respective author’s own and do not necessarily reflect those of Haitian Times, which seeks to publish a diverse range of perspectives. Authors and copyright owners are fully responsible for and legally liable for their own work.  While Haitian Times makes a good faith effort to ensure the accuracy of published articles, it assumes no responsibility or legal liability, express or implied, for the content of any work of the author and/or copyright owner.

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